Silverleaf is no longer the American company it claims to be. Silverleaf resorts will now be an India based company.

Thanks to Cerberus and David Bronsweig from the Dallas corporate office. Now we will have Apoo calling us about our properties. This is now my last straw with silverleaf after all the lies and changes since you sold out to Cerberus now this *** to India. It's all down hill from now *** you can't even understand the *** foreigners now you expect us to give our American dollars to India.

Here we go supporting the Middle East this is why America is in the *** we are in sending our good company's over sea.

I will never pay on my account again David you can shove silverleaf up your *** *** head. *** greed gets to the best of company's and lose focus to its consumer till its to late.

Monetary Loss: $18500.

  • Sellout company
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WOW! what a racist hick.

I understand keep money in this country and that's all fine and good.

That doesn't change the fact of you being a hateful and ignorant human being

oh and FYI it's Apu not Apoo.


Haha India is not Middle East. You are hating this company for all the wrong reasons -- read other reviews.


racist ***!

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