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Silverleaf is the biggest crock of *** you will ever experience. This whole deal about you won a vacation or a cruise, just come to a 90 minute meeting that magically turms into 3 hours of being slammed by Joe the used car salesman wanting me to by a timeshare.

I really wnated to beat some A**, the biggest A-hole I have ever had the displeasure of meeting. Dont waste your time.

You will leave with a $40 gift card and will be so pissed that you ever went in the first place. These people are criminals and as far as I'm concerned they should be shut down permantly so no one has to ever go through what we went through ever again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Silverleaf Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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I know what you mean. We were beaten like we stole sometin. It wasn't fun.



Timeshare Advocacy International is the leader in timeshare contract resolutions!

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Timeshare Advocacy International is headquartered in Mount Juliet, TN and currently has a staff of 19 that do nothing but consult, coach, and mentor timeshare owners who have been deceived during their purchase or upgrade of their timeshares. “We specialize in helping timeshare owners not only get out of their timeshare contracts if they were lied to, but we also help them understand what happened and how they were scammed so this hopefully will not happen again!

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It is not a free $40 gift card. They charged the $40 to my credit card and they are just giving me my money back.


The top prizes I offered are all great the least I will receive is 500 so am I guaranteed 500 and will the 300 deposit be needed that day for the trip??

Man with no name

Jbone and you people are ***", only victims of silver leaf post in here, and sales people who know of what their doing is wrong write about how great silver leaf is, no one who is happy with the resort even google it, you work for them and you want to make them feel guilty for buying? Thing is, we are human and make bad decisions,but we don't need people encouraging us to make those bad decisions, because that is what you did, you are the devil in our shoulder telling us to make those bad decisions. And that's the bottom line.


are you really guaranteed one of the 4 prizes


We went to the "sales pitch" yesterday. Giant crop of *** ....

took 4 hours and the "free trips" you get are anything but free.

Research "" and read the reviews of "Spirit Incentives" before you commit to going .... trust me, you won't go.


One more thing...I didn't just attend this meeting for the prize. I was really considering buying into one of these vacationing packages.

BUT with that said, I was completely thrown off by the customer service. We were told to be there at 10:30 am and did not actually begin until 11:45 am. I had planned on having lunch around 1pm and since we didn't get out of there until 2:30 pm, my son (as well as my husband and I) were starving. When i informed the salesman of my situation his reply was "well we have to finish" On our tour he wasn't very pleasant.

Honestly, who would want to buy into a vacationing package with people who are rude and dont have consideration of their clients. I still plan on looking into other vacationing offers, just not with silver leaf.


I was also told that I would be attending a 90 minute presentation which turned into a 4 hour ordeal. The "gift" that you get is not worth anyone's time.

You walk out with a $40 gift card and another offer that is suppose to free. In our case we were suppose to get 2 nights and 3 days in a indoor water park for free. Well FREE for silver leaf resorts means that you have to pay a $100 deposit and can only go during the week!.

(before i even accepted this offer i asked if this water park trip was valid on weekends, i was reassured over and over that it was and low and behold, it wasn't) Straight to the point, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME! 4 hours of over the top sales men is not worth $40 and a free trip that you have to pay for.


I have gone to their presentation for the free cruise offer and have since gone on the cruise to Mexico. The 90-min presentation took quite a bit more time (4 hours) and they did try everything to try and get us to buy a timeshare. Just be patient and firm, continue to say no to buying a timeshare and you will get your prize.

HOWEVER - its not a FREE trip in the literal sense. We chose the cruise and ended up paying about $300 for the fees. BUT STILL - very cheap and affordable for a great vacation! You obviously will want to bring spending money for extra stuff, but overall I found that it was worth it. Haha, but then again I am a very patient person that realizes that nothing is 100% free.

email me if you have any questions, I would be happy to help (from a 1st person view) aliciawasinger at gmail dot com


Hi, we are supposed to go this Saturday for the 90 minute presentation. My question for all of you is, is it worth it?

Call me greedy, but i am willing to spend 90 minutes listening to thier salespitch for a free vegas trip. I could care less about the $40 but a trip to vegas airfare and hotel included sounds pretty good to me.. I have NO INTENTIONS of buying a timeshare going into this and will make sure my husband agrees we will NOT be purchasing anything.

I would like to hear from someone who has previously gone to this, do you really get what they have promised and how easy is it to tell them you are not interested in the timeshare?

Will you still get the free trip or not? thanks for your time.

to ranberry #1014625

i signed up today and I have been to these things before. If you go with a good attitude you will be fine.

Go in a good mod but ready to say NO. I will not buy it but i will listen.

I have no problem saying NO. I am nice but I can say NO in a nice way.


you people that go to these things are just looking for something for free you are a bunch of greedy people. Then want to complain ; sound like a bunch of babys , the bottom line is; YOUR LYING , IF THEY WERENT GIVING YOU WHAT THEY PROMISED THEY WOULD BE SHUT DOWN!




Everybody that complains about silverleaf resorts are ignorant. You leave with one of the top 4 prizes.

It might not be what you want ao you get pissed. You also get YOUR choice of one of the 3 vacations that you have a year to use. And on top of that you will get that $40 visa card. People are so greedy these days.

You get this stuff without having to buy anything. If you buy it was YOUR choice. YOU gave them your information and YOUR account information. Stop complaining.

If you go out there and dont want to buy thats fine.

It is a really good deal. Your getting all of this for FREE!

we need to start a petition and send it to the attorney general and a copy to the governor of what ever state you or I live in :upset
you are so wright amen some one need's to file charges on them and shut them down and refund everyone's money back :upset

If you wnat to know more just keep readung. Anyone that says anything positive about these criminals obviously works for them and they can F**k off.

Do not go to this meeting!! PERIOD.


Its not so bad. I went with my wife up here in MASS and we left with 2 trips (Hawaii & the Bahamas) We didnt get offered any timeshare, instead we were offered a property deed to own, not to lease. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me considering how much we travel!

Is this really a SCAM...i need to know cuz I got the same letter from that company Congrtatulate me telling me the same story winning price,cruise,vacation,Mercedes Benz,49,000.00 cash,with extra bonus gift card for $40.00 dollars.They called me Two days ago and set up an a ppt so we can meet up their in Conroe,Tx...i am still thinking about it,got a feeling it's not right..... :(:0

Yes, you are so right!! If you buy a timeshare, you will regret it for years and years. You really avoided a bad one here.

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