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If you are ever in Westfield Fox Valley Mall in Aurora, Illinois you will see advertisements for "winning" a new car. If you fail to take the time to read the fine print on the back you will not notice that you are not entering to win a car, you are entering to be cold called for a timeshare at Silverleaf in Fox River Resort, located in Sheridan, Illinois (yes it's in the middle of nowhere, west of Chicago).

So we were notified we were selected to listen to a 90 minute talk about this timeshare. We were told that we also had some other prizes we won. One was a $90 gift card which never worked when we tried to activate it. Two was a trip for two to Las Vegas which we never heard back from when we sent in the notification card. Three was a 3 day/4 night trip to Florida, which amazingly we also never heard back from after sending in the registration card. The fourth gift was a scratch off card for our chance to win a car. Of course we never won, I wonder if anyone ever does.

So, even with their scam of a marketing ploy to get us to drive up to Sheridan we found out after buying that we were lied to on MANY fronts. One, we were shown presidential suites instead of the regular suites which we were put in to. The presidential suites are brand new, have the nice HDTV televisions and nice accomadations (look on their website and you will see what I mean) while every single one of the regular suites have had worn carpeting, puke on the floor and infested with bugs every time we went.

Now we bought not because we wanted to go to the local Chicago resort. We were told we could go to any of the resorts as long as they had one of our regular suites open, thought we couldn't go to the presidential suites until after the our first year was up and we could upgrade. The first year we spent our "free" week at a nice resort in Branson, now we are being told that was a one-time thing only and that we can't go to any of the "destination" resorts, this cuts the number of available resorts from 14 down to 7. And of those 7, only 3 are within 12 hours driving time of Chicago. The rest are in Texas, Colorado and Florida all of which are 18-20 hours driving time.

To make matters worse, the local resort amenities we were lied to about. We were told there was horseback riding included, but then came to find out it was going to cost per hour and had limited trail times. We were told there were video rentals included, but that was also a lie because rentals are only included with the presidential rooms. They claim to have WiFi, but only in the clubhouse, NOT in any of the rooms. They keep saying they are going to add it but haven't. We were told they were expanding the resort to include a full size golf course instead of just the 5 holes of par 3 play. The only redeeming fact is that they did honor their "free" days Monday-Thursday.

That was the only reason we opted in to the program, we kept trying to end the conversation but the "high pressure" salesman kept pushing and pushing. The 90 minute talk took 4 hours including a tour of rooms and amenities we were told were included but weren't. Figured that for 4 free days each week it was worth it, even if we didn't like the local resort. Though it would have been nice to be able to go to Branson instead.

So basically we have a getaway resort that costs us $50 a month in maintenance. We can pay to go horseback riding in season, they have indoor and outdoor pools, minigolf, par 3 golf course of 5 holes and a small lake with canoe rentals and fishing, they also have a small indoor movie theatre with new'ish rentals playing during the day. Weekends cost us $50 a night.

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Thank you everyone for letting me know about this company. I will not be going to the 90 minute tour. Wow that will not see me at all.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #922499

James Brown is a coward ***.*** silver leaf and thier staff

Houston, Texas, United States #832887

Please tell me how to get out of their hands quickly. My time paying the sampler should be over at ten months.

I was so exhausted by the time they wore me down to sign, that I didn't notice the differences between what they said and what they had on the two separate documents to sign. One says it's a sampler. The other document you initialed 8 statements and in the middle one of the statements says that you're on an "18 month membership and it is not a contract for a deeded week." Can anyone tell me how to get out of this with my four day stay and my initial payment of a total of $800? I realized that I paid them an initial payment on the day I signed for the sampler of $80.00.

So it has been 10 payments of $72.00 and one payment of $80.00. They have never called or written me about my stay with them.

I have had to make the calls, where they tell you that if you stay the free night there you must come to another sales meeting. If anyone has any help they can offer today, would you please email me at annietap@yahoo.com.

Houston, Texas, United States #832872

I went because I was called saying I could claim the vacation trips and only had to listen to Silverleaf Resort Inc. 90 minute presentation.

The vacation trips do not include airfare, and many other fees. The sails presentation was like so many other people I've now read about, It took over four hours and they moved me from one salesperson to another. When they finally convinced me to get a sampler from them, I have paid $72.00 a month for ten months. That's $720.00 total and they say that I can't have my 4 day stay until it is all paid.

I've been invited to go stay in the Conroe resort and I'm sure that the only reason is because they want to meet with me on Saturday morning to do a "high-pressure" sales pitch for a full membership. I was told that I could stay at their resort today, 6/27/14 for 3 night if I want but that I had to have a meeting with them on Saturday, 6/28/2014.

I know they will high pressure me to become and owner. I'm not sure how I will get out of any type of contact with this business.


umm... this is a similar call i got from them saying almost the same thing.

Although i had entered into the contest through six flags great america, on a wim mind you. Though they said I had a choice between prizes.

I'm seeing them tomorrow. And I don't liked being jerked around.

to Anonymous Schaumburg, Illinois, United States #838217

Are you one of the other four "Grand Prize" Winners?

I, too, entered the contest at Great America a few weeks ago, and I got a call that I was one of four grand prize winners. So I naturally googled the company.

Today, I received a letter stating that I was pre-approved for a loan through Silverleaf Resorts Inc for up to $22,000.

I am attending one of their 90 minute presentations on Sunday.

I am making it very clear to the first person with which I speak that I am there for the grand prize entry FIRST, and I will not partake in any 90 minute presentations until after that is over.

After the "grand prize" process, I will then point out the first person doing the sales presentation that I have a timer going off in 90 minutes, at which point I am leaving.

I will then ask the first person doing the sales presentation if he/she is actually authorized to sell me anything. If there is the slightest hint that they are not, then I will be at the front desk for the duration of their 90 minutes, at which point I am leaving. I will then point out to that same person that if I am shuffled to another sales associate, I am leaving. I will then hand the front desk two letters from myself and my fiancee (who also was part of the drawing, but sadly could not attend) to cease and desist all future solicitation and to remove us from their customer database.

I will not leave until I am assured by management, in writing, that they have received my and my fiancee's letters stating that we will never sign up for a loan affiliated with Silverleaf Resorts, Inc. I will then have the administrator/assistant/secretary sign as a witness. I will then have another attendee sign as a witness. You cannot buy a better reputation with the same product.

You cannot buy a better review with a flawed system. If all goes according to plan, the drawing was legitimate, and the "free vacation" for staying for the 90 minute sales presentation is honored, that is almost worthy of a 2-star rating on Yelp for having to jump through so many hoops in the first place.

to Frost #848560

How did the meeting go? Did you get what you promised or was it a scam?

Sheridan, Illinois, United States #796568
:) We bought the Presidential package and it was amazing. With the bous days we had and also to drive out there to golf or use the pool or activity center play bball or even have a picnic, it was a nice getaway even if we went for an afternoon.

I've stayed in both old & new condos and never had a problem with either.

The staff is amazing and we also are able to vaca at any of the properties a year. And the pools are amazing indoor and outdoor.
to Mr Vaca Plainfield, Illinois, United States #954969

I think this guy is a salesman. Look.

His location is Sheridan. Wonder why?

Carol Stream, Illinois, United States #759952
If you do the math, for the first 20 years of membership you are paying a lot more than what you would have paid if you went to price line, orbits or any other site and booked a vacation there. Heck even after 20 years you will pay more. Lets do the simple math.

Membership Deed. $14,000/20yrs equials $700/yr
Association 700.00/yr

So for the first 20 years you are paying the deed and association fee that total 1400 dollars per year for one week. To make things worse if you want to go out of the country they say you can transfer the deed for a fee of 230 dollars. The price just got jacked up to $1700 for the year. This does not sound that bad right, at least that is how THE SO CALLED SALES REPRESENTATIVES, make it seem. It would cost about $850 per person for a whole week (2 people),not a bad deal huh? Riiiiiggggtttt/here comes the catch. During their extremely detailed conversation which lasts four hours not even once they mention plane ticket and their prices. So two ticket for at LEAST $400 each (and i am being conservative here) equals to $800. That brings our total to $2500 for your week of vacation. $1250 per person still does sound like a good deal. How about food and transportation to and from airport. An extra $300 maybe? $2800 for one week is your price so far. However there is still more. You have to spend time shopping, cooking and cleaning which will take away about 1/8 of your vacation time. That is approximately $350 dollars that you are shortchanging yourself in vacation time. Congratulations you are spending $2800 and are only receiving a vacation for $2450. So lets add that to our trip cost and get $3100.
As we know, approximately $1200 per person will buy you a week vacation to Cancun, Dominican Republic, Jamaica or any other place you desire and YOU ARE NOT TIME RESTRICTED and it is all inclusive (airfare, hotel, transportation to and from the airport, food and drinks). You also choose the time of your vacation, winter/ summer /fall or spring. No Strings attached. With the Resort Deed in your hand you might be able to do that but it will cost you at least $400 dollars. Add that will bring your total cost of one week of vacation to a nice beach to approximately $3500. What a deal huh? A sh... one indeed. :cry Keep in mind even if you don't go vacationing one year you are still paying 1400 dollars for that year. Cool huh, what a waste of money. However looking at the bright side you will save $2100 by not going on vacation ,) .
After 20 years then you might be able to save 700 dollar and bring you cost to $2800 per vacation, without taking in consideration the ticket and food inflation.
PS . Add about $500 per child (airfare and food) to get and estimate of your family cost with Fox River Resort. :(

This is "man with no name" I will try to get the name and number for you ABC. But it's been years.

Bronx, New York, United States #752264
Thank you all for your comments. I heard about this company by "winning" a sweepstakes I entered in a mall in NY.

I was actually going to drive 3 hrs to meet with them. The reason I decided to check them out online is because the times that they wanted me to come was not good with my schedule. Thank God I didn't waste my time to leave school early and have my husband and I travel up there for nothing. I'm almost finished with school to begin a career that will more than double my current salary.

I will just book a regular vacation (like I always do) instead. That way my family and I can travel where we want whenever we want.

Thanks but no thanks Silverleaf. :p
Chicago, Illinois, United States #636851

so what kind of things do they do when your there on that day i should go there and *** with them hehe



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Attended a seminar today and when asked specific question, they would say good question but I will need to check into that... Based on their calculations, they are charging 23.14% apr, but kept saying it is 17.99, when I asked them to do the math, they refused and said, "The regulations are and have been 17.99 for a few years now".

I laughed at them and had the 2 guys stomped and kept telling me my math wasn't right and I insisted that they show me the SilverLeaf way of doing math! NO ONE COULD SHOW ME!!!!! If you have to beat around the bush, you can just give me my free- oops Not a free trip and we are out of here!!!! I wouldn't buy it, RIP_OFF!!!!!

If you are crazy enough to purchase something just by sight- SHAME ON YOU... BEWARE OF PUSHY SALESMEN/WOMEN.

I told the guy to just give up because he was insulting my intelligence with his fake numbers..... you make talk fast, but I listen just as fast and add quicker than you think!!!!!


But honestly I came on here to see if there giveaway cruise was for real. I've read probably 50 stories already just like the one above..."we said no..

They kept trying to sell and we felt the only way to get out of it was to buy" are you people that moronic? Seriously yeah they're pushy they're TIMESHARE salesmen... One step below used cars and if you people seriously read everything you signed you'd realize that while they may exaggerate a bit you're basically giving them a license to drain your bank account.

And furthermore all you people say stuff like well they said this and They said that... Honestly if you sign a contract valued at 15,000$ or more based off of a crappy salesmans empty promises and don't read the fine print, you deserve to get scammed becaus you're a complete ***.


Thanks for all the good info. Theses people just tried to get me up theere andi knew it was too good to be true! Pathetic!


Man with no name -

PLEASE share the name of the big shot that you talked to that took back the resort. I bought mine in '04 and have NEVER been able to use it.

I've tried to get out of it numerous times and keep hearing the same runaround.

I've tried to book with it numerous times and it is never available, or my package can't be used at a different resort. Would really appreciate any assistance you can provide...


i disagree with this completely. I'm a member and the regular member condos are beautiful and spacious. I think it is very reasonable and you can come Sun-Thurs free of charge anytime besides holidays.

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