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I'd like to share a website that I now use to book instead of cutting corners looking for a deal that is non-existent. http://trips4less365.paycationonline.com/vpk.asp Hope this helps you all. Thank You for reading my experience with Silverleaf.

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Silverleaf has a marketing company to reel in potential victims. My fiancee and I met this scamming company at the Hartford Connecticut Convention Center for a Bridal Show. The marketing representative explained that we could either win a prize or sign up for one.So we signed up for the cruise for $99.00 which she wrote " 1 yr. to cancel 100% refund. cruise for two 4/3 nights airfare included".

We booked an appt. and the Silverleaf paid for a hotel in Pittsfield, MA at The Crowne Plaza 20 minutes away from the resort in Lee, Massachusetts for 2 nights and 3 days. So we stayed to do the presentation so that we would not break the contract agreement which was suppose to be for "90 minutes" and ended up being 3 hours! My fiance was dealing with an incompetent sales rep. who couldn't even tell the definition of equity in today's market. After much embarrassment to the rep. he replied saying " do you see where my conundrum is?"

Anyhow, after the first representative he got a second guy to try and sell us this bogus resort deals that we would never use for a variety of reasons. The second rep. was extremely upset we didn't buy into the deal which he lowered from $15,500 to $10,000. My fiance told the man "your wasting your time".

In the end we left with (2) $40.00 Visa Cards that I had been enraged about over the phone before getting to the resort to ensure it was documented in the email which in our mind was our $80 back from the $99 we spent and then we stayed at the hotel for free on SilverLeaf's account or you can look at it as we paid for it ourselves. The last representatives we spoke with at the resort finally gave us a voucher for CHOICE A- Air Hotel Escape Choice B- Fly 2 Cruise Choice C- Vacation Getaway. To no surprise once again the sh*t is another scam you have to pay $198 for a reservation deposit... then as told by the spirit incentives rep. the fees and taxes are $450.00 and they work between vendors such as Carnival, Norwegian and Royal Caribbean and then you (the customer) are responsible to pay the remainder of the taxes and fees. So, if we decided to go it would be $648.00 for 2 persons which we could have done on our own.

Investment- $99.00

Gain- (2) $40 Visa Cards and a free hotel room at $122.00 per night= $244+ tax

Results: Silverleaf Loss about -$225.00 this time!

I hope other people learn of this company before they earn another dollar from innocent people turning them into victims.

Email me for questions jmo2nv@yahoo.com

Subject: SilverLeaf

Product or Service Mentioned: Silverleaf Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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