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We are currently trying to get rid of them. They called us a total of 569 times both at work and at home last month.

We set up a meeting with a courier to try and get my father removed from "owner" status and they never showed up and would not return our phone calls. We added my father supposedly just as a user. We were told that is all he would be. Now they are harassing him also and claim he is a owner.

They lie, they take money out of your account after they are told not to, it is a nightmare. At this point I wish we could just cut our losses and get away from them. They have dinged our credit four or five times and each time they ding it twice because we have two accounts. I think we have a harassment suit against them if nothing else.

They literally will literally call 20 times a day between my husband and I. When we do get a hold of them there is so much nonsense going on in their call center you cannot hear what they're saying. Definitely interested in joining a class action lawsuit against these jerks.

i am currently trying to find out if I can get phone records for our phones and our work phones for all of the phone numbers they use. Pathetic liars.

Reason of review: Lies and underhanded harassing treatment.

Preferred solution: cut my losses and be rid of them for good.

I didn't like: Unauthorized charges, Not delivered what was said.

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Dixon, Illinois, United States #945644

We too are having the same issue...the *** they tell u is all a lie..everything....tell u that u can vacation at spots that u infact cannot go to...i would love to sue the pants off this place and have the crappy business shutdown...TOP OF THE LINE SCAM ARTISTS


Class action will not help you. About the only thing is bankruptcy. Is that possible?

to pulltype Huntsville, Texas, United States #933785

No, we have tried to keep our credit score up-then this. Still might file harrasment charges based on the RIDICULOUS amount of phone calls even after they wee asked to stop. The last call I recieved from them they couldn't even tell me why they had called and wanted me to call some other number to try and figure it out.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #933550

I would love to go to court with y'all !! All liesand harrasment !!!

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