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I just wanted to add something to the previous complaint that I made after returning home from the very disappointing tour of Silverleaf Resorts Piney Shores resort in Conroe, TX on 5/25. One of the guaranteed prizes that they promise you have won before you ever get there is your choice of a cruise, a trip to Vegas, or a trip to Orlando.

If you choose the cruise, you can depart from Miami or Los Angeles on Royal Caribbean, or Galveston on Carnival Cruise Lines. Since we live in Houston, Galveston was our obvious choice since we wouldn't have to pay for the airfare to get there. When I got home and read the fine print on the back of the cruise voucher they gave us, it says when registering for your cruise that you must choose 3 sailing dates. I haven't verified yet whether this means you must commit to taking 3 cruises to take advantage of the free offer or if it means they want you to choose 3 different dates in case your first choice is booked.

Has anyone actually taken the free cruise, and does anyone know the requirements?

I was able to figure out that the voucher is only worth $795, and the cost of a single cruise ticket during peak season is almost equal to that, so if you plan on the voucher covering your ticket expense, you better plan on an interior cabin in the off season when the cheapest tickets are about $399 each. What a scam!!!

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Me and my fiancee just signed up in Dallas. We were offerend a 4 day 3 night cruise or trip to Vegas.

We paid the 40.00 dollars and have our meeting on the 19th of this month. As long as I get the "free" cruise and 2 baseball tickets I can say no all day to whatever deal they say.


This place is a mess. The only thing I will say is that you train your employees well.

Also it is not good customer service to hang up the phone on someone.

Wouldnt visit this place if God him self told me to.

Stop calling me. I dont want your business!!!!!!

Diessem, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #446223

I also believe that piney shores resort is a scam. I just tried to cancel my appointment and they transferred me three times dealing with rude representatives.

Not only that but they hung up in my face because i informed them I knew how they worked and i was no longer interested. Please don’t waste your time!


I received a call from them stating I won one of their prizes from $49,000 in cash, the Mercedes, $1,500 shopping spree or the very least $500 cash. I called the number and did set up an appointment this friday to go listen to the 90 minute presentation and then I leave with my "guaranteed prize" and "free trip" to Las Vegas or Orlando.

I live 45min from Conroe, TX.

They assured me I didn't have to buy anything but I would still walk away with my prize that I had already "won" and that I would be there for ONLY 90 minutes. After all the horrible stories I've read tonight about this place,but reading this stories, im still not sure if i want to go.

to Clueless-kid San Antonio, Texas, United States #664033

im in the same boat

to Clueless-kid Richardson, Texas, United States #674637

DON'T GO !!!!!!!!! IT IS A SCAM AND RIPE OFF !!!!!!


Hey if anyone that doesnt want there silverleaf resort. and you are Exective Presidental Status or Higher...With the silverleaf plus package and/ or the VIP bonus time attached to it..I mite be able to take that off your hands...email me at Anthony.Casanova@everest.edu :)

I have read several of these post about ppl being scamed. and i just cant stop laughing.

Im 21 and i have a timeshare. Now please excuse me for this but you get what you ask for. when they show u a paper that has 3 colors on it. dont u think u should ask what those colors mean?

i did that how i got red season which means all year around smart ppl. Also you have to know what u are buying. Because if you just getttin the basic package you think you should get VIP status too Lol. We all know the world has never worked like that and is not going to.

Another thing people are selling these things for cheaper then what SLR is asking for. Maybe just ask for exactly what you want and stop lettig them pick it for you. I have 2 timeshare paying 330 a month. Plus I get upgraded RCI.

So Lol...I loved my trip to Spain and since i can get 3 a a year plus bonus time i got what i wanted...Plus this thing called the Diamond Program. really works for when i need 3 different place for my family and friends...And due to what i bought i can down grade to any living space that i like. Who can beat that. SO you get what you pay for.

Dont get mad because you didnt do your reseach.

So if u have one use the best of it. How many ppl you know can get a 7 days free at one these places every year without bending over backwards...If you do know ppl and it not you...maybe you should them if u can go with them and there family lol....I really cant stop laughing....

to Cant Stop Laughing #669786
Awesome!@#$ :grin

The REAL crime with the silverleaf resorts is that if you do not use the resorts any more, you and your bloodline are trapped forever in paying the monthly maintenace fees because of the way they deeded it to you when you bought the timeshare. You will discover that you can not even GIVE it away because of this deed.

No one wants to buy it from you, no one will rent it, you are trapped with silverleaf forever. Probably the only thing to do is to just not pay any more, they will file a judgement against you, harrass you for like 5 years and after 10 years after the judgement was filed it will stop showing up on your credit reports. So your credit is messed up for those ten years but afterward, you and your bloodline will be thru with silverleaf.

The only other way I see is to have everybody who owns timeshares or deals with these people (which would probably not happen) EVERYONE must stop paying, stop going to the resort, do NOTHING with these resort !!! If the resort has no money coming in, then they wont have any money for lawyers, eventually they will just go out of business.

I have been an owner since 1998 my family and I love fox rive in Sheridan il go all of the time :)

I Went November 3, 2011 and they were super nice, yes they take you around and show you the place and try to get you to buy a timeshare which I did, because it was a nice deal plus we love traveling. We walked away with two vacations and 40 gift card as promised. This is not a scam and I don't work for them, I was skeptical at first too, but trust me its not a scam.


I got the same call about me winning a free vacation to Vegas or Orlando. Honestly I do not know where the horrible stories come from.

They only ask you to sit through the 90 min presentation if you earn 40,000 or more; if you don't they take you to receive the prize right away. It took me a whole of 20 mins to finish everything and get out with a free vacation to Orlando, a 40 dollar gift card and the Cruise vacation. I understand that if I do decide to take the vacations to Orlando I have to pay a deposit of $100 dollars for two people, but that's it and I really don't see what the big deal is.

You are paying $100 dollars for a 3 day-2 night vacation for 2 people is that a ripoff???? you gotta be crazy to think so


I got a meeting on oct 1st at the silverleaf resort in irving....some people say its worth it and some say no....should i go or not, me and my fiance have never been on a cruise and we would love to go but i need to know how much its really going to cost, the people dont bother me cause i can say no all day


hey did they make you sign after getting the prizes actually gave me a paper and without reading i signed iam now worried please let me know asap


I'm lucky I spent some time searching for information regarding this company. It feels and sound like a scam to be getting a guaranteed price of either a Marcedez, BMW, Porsche, $49,000 in cash, or at the very least - $500 to spend as you please - as well as a free trip to Las Vegas, Orlando, or a cruise. From what I read so far it turns out that no one has won a Marcedez, BMW, Porsche, $49,000 in cash, $1,500 shopping spree or even the $500 to spend as you please. The Free trip for two turns out not to be free.

I've already confirmed my appointment before I read all these, so I did the courtesy of calling them back, to cancel my appointment, and when the guy said, but you already confirmed, I said "I'd rather inform you that I'm not coming than waste your time expecting me and I won't show up". He said, all right, let me transfer you to your coordinator, then just hung up. Just shows what kind of people these guys are.

I'm glad I've read all the reviews.


I received a letter by mail today from them stating I won one of their prizes from $49,000 in cash, the Mercedes, $1,500 shopping spree or the very least $500 cash. I called the number and did set up an appointment in 2 weeks, to go listen to the 90 minute presentation and then I leave with my "guaranteed prize" and "free trip" to Las Vegas or Orlando.

I live 2 1/2 hours from Conroe, TX. They assured me I didn't have to buy anything but I would still walk away with my prize that I had already "won" and that I would be there for ONLY 90 minutes.

After all the horrible stories I've read tonight about this place, I will NOT be going for any "free gifts". I'm very thankful that I decided to research this place before using gas to drive 2 1/2 hours away to this place.

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