Like a lot of other people I was lured into going to this 90 miniute tour of the resort in order to collect my prize. One of the prizes was a 40.00 gas card (which was a big joke.)The resort is really nice and they should let that speak for itself instead of misleading hard working citizens expecailly when times are really hard to make ends meet.

The staff are all a joke and should be ashamed of themselves. Npne of the prizes that they promised was true even the cruise that was suppose to be a guarantee was fake.It was truly a waste of time.

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Had a similar experience except they said I won a trip to Hawaii including airfare. They involved my daughter,13, and got her all excited about the trip and 2 different people told her and myself the airfare was includes.

When u go to register for the trip you "won" the airfare is not included. Bait and switch. I could go on and on about all the lies, including my $50 Saltgrass Steakhouse gift card I was promised was only $25. When u call customer service to correct what you think must be a misunderstanding, you are directed to their "legal dept." and treated like a piece of ***.

Stay away, stay away, stay away.

Don't mess with Texas and definitely don't mess with my daughter. One thing to lie to an adult but when you involve my daughter, lie to her face over and over and use her to try to sell me a timeshare and then to add insult to injury the trip you promise her I won you take away, you are not to be trusted.



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ok, i have good and bad experiences with them. but i must say i love going.

i went to the time share in atlanta (out side of atlanta) and the one in conroe. just do your home work when dealing with any purchase. Talk them all down until your comfortable or walk away.

if you ar tired of it, put it on cregs list or call a realtor to get rid of it. i really do enjoy the getaways, its just that i am a single parent of three and i really cant afford it.




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Like everyone...we attended the 'planned 90 mins'which turned out to be 4 hours.

I feel sad, I wasted my time and my gas attending to lies and deception.

- They pressured us to do the sampler which could be cancelled in 6 days. Once we left; they pulled our credit report and since then have refused to pick up their calls.

Be really careful when dealing with them...that's my advice



I was Skeptical, but now i am aware! I will not be going thanks to all the reviews :)

They called me earlier today after school, called my house 3 times. i didnt even know what a silverleaf was till i looked it up...

so anyway i answered the phone and its this woman talking about how i won the sweepstakes thing and i was so shocked..

she starts names alll type of ahit i could choose for a prize and stufff.. and after she said a MERCEDES that was it..lol i got to know if this is true lord HELP ME LOL ??


Just returned from Silverleaf villages resort at Lake Palistine, 90 minutes was really 3.5 hours. The salesman, the closer, and the corporate guy. It's amazing the more you say NO, the better the deal gets, We were even offered the sampler. We went from a $15000 7 resorts to a 16000 for 16 resorts.... then the price went to $8000.

Think about the numbers. monthly fees are $71.80 a month, or $861.60 a year for one (1) week. For 52 weeks thats $44,803.20 a year, and with about 200 condo's,,,thats ...HOLD ON... $8,960,640.00 a year forever. Plus the average cost of $19,000 for 200 condos for 1 week is $3,800,000..for 52 weeks us $197,600,000.

Thats what everyone together is giving Silverleaf to be treated like ***,. Check the BBB before you deal with them. The free trips are almost worthless once you read all the fine print and exceptions,. Hope the $40 visa card is not fake.


I am scheduled to go tomorrow for my tour of the resort in conroe an was told that i will get the cruse for 4 days a 3 nights at no charge with a one day pass to the resort and a $40 refund card. And i talked to the sales person just a lil while ago an was told there is no obligation to purchase anything...

but after seeing these reviews im skeptical!! please commement back so i know if its even worth showing up tomorrow...

thank you!! comment to stalnaker6@gmail.com


I have a timeshare with Silverleaf and I love using the bonus time they give us. We have gone about 3 times in 6 months to the Conroe Resort and my time share is in Tyler somewhere.

I like the lake, swimming pools, and hot tube at the resort. I enjoy it and enjoy visiting Houston. We go to the Astros game everytime. I bring my mom and other other relatives at time.

I've never tried the free cruise they offer so I don't know much about that but I hope to use the RCI resort soon. I guess I'm lucky cause I can go often. I've meet some people who have timeshares and they don't have bonus time.

We are lucky. That's really the main reason I bought into it.

My parents own a time share through silver leaf and they hate dealing with all the sales people always calling the house. They've owned it for 10 yrs.

I always had fun going when I was younger as did my parents. We've been to the one in Tyler texas, Galvaston, Conroe texas, and San Antonio texas. My fiance and I are soon to take over the timeshare. We plan on doing a lot of traveling with or son.

Matter a fact we will be using the timeshare for our honeymoon in Orlando, FL in March. We are very excited to take our son on his first vacation.

Although it has been awhile since my last stay at a silver leaf resort, I hope it is as nice it was on my last stay. :zzz
i was planning on going 2 conroe this weekend but after reading all this i have changed my mind plus i live in ft. polk, LA thinking i would make up for the gas i use up on thetrip driving there..

i called again after reading this and asked if i would win the 500$ min. i was supposly gonna win or even the car or 1500 shopping spree.. the lady said yes and then i asked if just 20 ppl a yr.

win it and she put me on hold for awhile and came back on the phone saying ya only 20 ppl a year for the 500$ and 10 ppl a yr. for the 1500$ and i also asked bout the time "90" minutes being the cheap skate i am lol :grin i pulled army card sayin' how not 2 lie after i defend a country for her rites to scam ppl like us and she was straight up with me and said it was more than 90 minutes so i didnt go ill just save my money and go 2 las vegas on my behalf

I got the shaft as well I did not know that the time share was a morage loan until we got behind and was told that non-payment would lead to a foreclosure on our credit. It has been nothing but deception from the minute we walked thru those doors, I also have a odd year plan so I didn't use it at all last year. We've only been there once in two years.


We bought a timeshare in March, 2011. We were happy with it and i was going to pay the whole amount in cash.

Something told me to wait. We went to the orientation. There we were told what we bought. It was not what Roy told us.

They lied to us from the beginning to the end. Now I want out and the cancellation period expired. My first payment is due in May. I not going to make the payment and if they want to foreclosue on it.

They are not forclosing on my home. My deed is in Branson, Mo.

No offense, what do I want a timeshare in Mo. I hate the cold weather.

Idk why some people say it's a scam? We bought into it and so far have taken 2 vacations...we're going on another this weekend.

We booked a week prior to our stay and were confirmed a few days ago. :?
to timeshare owner #725556

You're *** and probably one of their blood sucking managers.


My parents have a piece of this joke.They only could visit every other year, not knowing that they only had half of a timeshare.ok now the big upgrade...that was suppose to allow them to visit every weekend.Not true either.they only told them a lie for them to upgrade the timeshare.and not to mention my parents are 60 and 70 + years old.WOW what a great way to trick the elderly into buying a no good timeshare they thought they were passing to,who me and my sisters.Guess what?WE DON'T WANT IT.NOT WORTH THE HEADACHE.Oh and some of the rooms have roaches(BAD)WOW!!!!


I receive up to four calls a day asking me to come to Timbercreek resort. I have told them I am not interested and ask that they discontinue calling...they don't...maybe you'll understand this LEAVE ME THE H***ALONE...


I went yesterday to the conroe location. I had a great time.

Definitely wasn't there to buy anything, I had already been warned!!! Anyway its a beautiful resort but u gotta be ready for the dirty sales tricks. I was lucky, I had a very sweet sales lady named Megan.

Cute as ***. Between the 40 dollar card and her delightful cleavage I thought it was worth a few hours of my time.

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