I just found out yesterday that a class action lawsuit was filed against RCI. If you or anyone you know have had a problem exchanging your week with RCI I encourage you to check the website RCIclassaction.com

Anyone that has a problem with Silverleaf Resort I encourage you to contact your state’s Attorney General office.

They can’t represent you, but if they get enough complaints from consumers it’s there job to crack down on the company and start asking questions.

Want to get back at Silverleaf , file a complaint with your states Attorney General office. How you think the class action lawsuit against RCI got started?

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“We are excited to finally have this decision behind us so we can now focus on one thing, and that is our clients. During the last 2 years they have been trying to do one thing and that is to shut us up and bankrupt us through the court system. We always felt that at the end of the day a jury would see that TAI is in the business to help people. If the timeshare industry would stop lying and sell their product honestly we would be out of business,” said Sean Austin.

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I was shown a very nice unit (of course), and specified my week (which is red zone" MUST be similar or better quality, with two bedrooms and 2 baths. I was told that was what I was given, although "could not show it to me because it was being used" (which was a reasonable statement.

HOWEVER, when I actually looked up my account number, had to make 8 phone calls to verify, I was actually assigned a 1 bedroom, with open "loft" which has two singles AND only one bathroom. The unit also has very few amenities (it is "rustic"). The reps I spoke to while researching reiterated I could "drive to" any of the other 2 Resorts in the immediate vicinity. Are you KIDDING ME?

The exchange policy with RCI, of course, is based on UNIT TYPE, in addition to week/zone..Awaitng call from corporate. We'll see!I may cancel contract and file formal compl;aint...


look it up at your local better businees bureau online. i looked up mine and had nearly 400 hundred complaints they have a C- grade, but before you call this a hoax. look it up people!


hmmmm. good for a few of you people, we never had an issue eaither for almost 13 years, we had the 2 presidential's and a diamond, we only got to actually stay in a presidentail suite once a year, if even that, which fine i understand being over booked, but we paid for it for a reason thats why it's called time share.

we also complained to them one time about bugs, the building being dirty, dishes were dirty, rolled up dirty towels and everything as soon as we walked through the door. we called them and they didn't even care to fix it. They magically lost our contract, while we had proof of it. and still will not just give us everything back that we lost.

there is plenty more details. but i am not getting into it.

btw, it's only been in the past few years that we have started having issues, but they just stopped caring and aren't taking care of us when we have spent a ton of money on purchasing the properties. Also we all pay maintenance fees so they maintain our properties, not so they can give us a dirty room, with broken tiles and holes.


I am with Bluegreen and have banked points with RCI. The RCI properties are terrible compared to Bluegreens, and I have even had roaches during one Florida stay at RCI. I am about to lose banked points with RCI because they never have any available properties and the ones they do have are the worst!

we have owned Silverleaf, and used RCI for 11 years and have been nothing but happy with their services. We have purchased multiple units, in multiple states, and have never had a time when we didn't get the exchange we wanted, at the time we wanted it.

We have even exchanged for cruises.

We would recommend them to anyone. :grin I would do further checking before I jumped to conclusions.

We just purch. a timeshare and we havent had any problems yet.

In fact they have gone out of their way to make us happy and to help us. We have RCI as well and we are looking forward to our first trip this feb.


I'm not a customer, but I was employee at Silver Leaf and if the way they treat valued employees is any indication of the company mindset I would stay away from them.


Both of these operations have strange smells hanging over them after you cruise the web long enough to gather some insights, and it's not because of all the cotton candy reviews that hail them as the best deals since cruise ships.

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #71877

The RCI class action lawsiut is real. It also over and will give little benefit to timeshare holders.

RCi is riddled with issues of dishonesty, and have multitudes that fall prey to thier lies buyer beware these people are not honest.

Ludlow, England, United Kingdom #31779

Since 1986 never a problem one. Where are the problems, don't you think over the past 22 years we would have had one, none, none and none, read my lips NONE.


I checked and the last case developments (If real) came at the end of 2006, start of 2007. It appears to me this is just as lyn says. A competing timeshare companies hoax.



Did you check the website???

Mnisek Pod Brdy, Stredocesky Kraj, Czech Republic #27453

I've been a timeshare owner thru RCI since 2001 and have never gotten a letter in the mail notifying me of a Class Action suit against RCI. I am a deeded owner so finding me is not a problem.

I've just never heard of such. Competing TS companies always say XYZ company has a lawsuit against them to sell you some new points.

Pownal, Maine, United States #22220

If you try google you will find it, I got that from the website its self. How can I profit from this site it only provides information no ads. So I guess you never checked.

Wauneta, Nebraska, United States #22211

The only scam I see is your complaint! None of your links go to the right place and you are obviously just interested in the income you make from all the ads on this site.

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