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The tour guide was nice enough. He could not explain what I was getting for the money or why I had to buy that day.

That was OK though. When the second manager came in to try to sell us the timeshare, he told us the tour guide wasn't very good at explaining things and must not have told us the real benefits of the timeshare. It was the same garbage. He couldn't understand why I didn't think $28,000 was a good deal for a free week once a year in St.

Louis or Branson, Ms. He even accused me of smoking pot to explain my skeptical view on the timeshare. He then told me he needed some pot to smoke later. It was bizarre.

The salespeople there are disrespectful and they will not explain the timeshare in a truthful manner. It raised too many red flags. Do not go. Your prize will be a mon-wed trip to Vegas or Orlando plus a short island trip at a cheap hotel in which you pay for airfare.

Its basically 3 and a half hours of wasted time for a scratch off ticket. I'll go to 7/11 next time and pay $2

Monetary Loss: $10.

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you should have done this in a first place(buy ticket from 7/11)

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