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Checked credit without authorization. That simple.

I would have just left it at that but let me lodge another complaint against Pissed Consumer, lwhich insists that complainers extend their remarks to (phew, I'm up to 37 words) 100 words, even when there's nothing to say. Wouldn't people appreciate brevity for a change? Why the f--- should we have to write a novel when all I want to say fits in four words. The suzzies at Silverleaf Resorts did an unauthorized check of my credit theirby lowering the credit score.

How's that. Just five more words and we're there.

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I am an owner at a Silvwerleaf Resort and I am not happy with them either. I have asked them a number of times not to call me about these B--- S--- owner meeting every year.

... and "Yes" I did ask nicely to take me off of their list the first time. The second and third time I resorted to a nasty responce to the call. Well ...

they called again this year. So, asking them nicely not to call will just not work. They are trying to get me to upgrade to a bigger unit. They remind me of vultures ready to prey on the uninformed.

Once they tried to send me a $250.00 special assessment; which according to my contract is illegal. I had to go all the way to their legal department to get it straightened out. Then when I called back to see if it was corrected they told me that the assessment was voluntary and that I did not have to pay it. "Yea" I want to give them $250.00 of my money for no reason.

That is why I get nasty with these people. ... they are too *** to listen to reason. ...

and I also don't deal well with dishonesty.

I am sorry that Diversified Resorts sold out to them. Since then the resort has gone downhill.


if u want to get off their list just ask to be taken off the list. i work in the call center and all you have to say is please take me off the list.

dont be mean about it though. we got it rough doing this for a living. i got laid off from a good job and right now this is what i have.

so do me a favor be nice about it. we take enough *** as it is from management.


they also Checked my credit without authorization.those rat bastards!!!!!

this is the name an address:

silverleaf resorts

1221 riverbend dr

ste 120

dallas tx 75247

ckd my credit in 08 an in 09

they do it again an i'm going to pay them a visit!!!!

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