I have been reading these "I am Pissed" and find them very hard to believe. We have been owners for 3 years now, and have been nothing but pleased.

We occasionally do not get in where we want, but not often. What's the deal? I would LOVE to see a response from Thomas J. Morris, CEO.

We continue to upgrade, our chldren are able to make their own reservations through a "right of access" which does not require them to be on the deed. I do not understand how there good be so many disgruntled people. There are even complaints from ex employees? Mr.

Morris!! Please respond!

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Jacksonville, Florida, United States #1185960

They are even handicap accessible. That is shameful.


Our family has had a time share for over 20 years we have always enjoyed our time away from home there; however, these last couple of years our week has changed, condos need major updating and housekeeping has been unacceptable. I advised management and front desk when o checked out.

Their response was "did call it into the customer service to have it corrected?" No, i didnt call it in. I believe that we shouldnt have to. It should be done before time share owners arrive.

Dues are paid.

Longview, Texas, United States #689515

First you have to know how to use your program. Second reservations are on availability. Third pepole who are having fun don't have the time to post.THEY are having fun try it it could be worth it.



Timeshare Advocacy International is the leader in timeshare contract resolutions!

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We have been to the presentations at Canyon Lake and Lake Palestine. We bought the package for the Canyon Lake stay. First, I didn't hear the part about the 1.5 hr presentation, and second I thought we would be staying at the resort. Wrong both counts. But the motel in New Braunfels was ok, after I had a room change for one with AC that worked.

The presentation was not 1.5 hours, it was about 6 hours total what with all the different folks "helping" us to see the light. But, got an ok deal for us. Instead of 1 week a year on a certain week, they do offer an RV package. Which with a motorhome and a travel trailer works great for us. First come, first serve but has worked great for us.

The pressure sales really sux tho. I had thought I might buy into it, but, after the first guy was a ***, I was turned off by the tactics.

The "free" trips we "won", hahahahaha. Pay the deposit and finally get to chose from 3 dates of which none were the ones we picked. Still waiting on confirmation of which of the 3 we are going to go on. They say they will give us 45 day notice.

And I agree, these folks are really nice until you finally tell them NO!!!!, then they get ***. Even tho we bought the RV package, we were still ushered out quickly so that the others coming into the "closing" area wouldn't see us not getting the package..


My only complaint is having to be on a waiting list for bonus time, but I strangely get a call for an upgrade meeting with a comp 3 day stay for the same days i'm on the waiting list for!!! They can never give me a straight answer when I bring it up. So, i'm having to use that route if I ever want to stay at the resort.

:? I visited the silverleaf resort in texas earlier this month with my husband. At first everything was very nice and everyone treated us very great.

Things started to go wrong once it was time for us to meet the person that was going to be taking us on our tour. *The guy was drunk and his car kept quitting on us every 3 minutes. After so many attempts to get his car back working, I just told him to take us back to the place where we were talking. After we got back there, they tried to sell 6 different couples including myself a used condo at full-price.

We were sitting next to a couple who offered them cash money for the exact same condo, but they refused. If you ask me, silverleaf resort people are just hungry for money. *I hear a lot of people saying they don't get to use the reservations when they want to. that's crazy because as much money as you are paying, you should be able to use the reservation whenever you'd like.* I was also disappointed to see how differently you were treated if didn't buy into the investment.

-I sat in the awards building and watched them personally bring in groups/families/customers who bought an investment vs.

the people that they just pointed outside a window and said,"just go to that building right there and they will get you set up." -HIGH UNPROFESSIONAL. I will not send anyone that I know up there because it seems like it's just a waste of money and time.

of Silverleaf timeshare in Sheridan IL,

then upgraded to Galveston TX for better trading value.

The actual timeshare is paid for but I can't afford to pay Maintenance feesl Diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in 2000. Now I find myself unable to access my condo due to the 18 steps to get up to the first level (easy access) They absolutely will not upgrade me to the Presidential condos two blocks away where there is an elevator. I am on disability and cannot afford to upgrade to Presidential.

It is extremely hard hearted how they are.

I would never put someones name on a list for them to contact. They fight dirty and humiliate you and are rude if you don't buy.


I cannot understand why charges have not been brought against Silverleaf if they are committing consumer fraud,or even borderline. I am an owner and have never had any problems other than not getting reservations where and when I want them each time.

The resorts I have used are great as are the people. The pressured sales at the open houses where free nights and cash awards are given are a pain but after all the ackage to get you there are free. Yes, there are people that have no better things to do than write neg.

comments about one bad experience, but like I said, the packages were free to get you to come. Don't want to come, turn them down.


I only speak from my personal experience. I cannot speak for anyone else.

In my situation, they were very hospitable until we chose not to buy. Im sure had I chose to purchase a package my view would be very different, and their proffesionalism would have been keep to a higher standard.


I get the feeling this is either a "plant" by Silverleaf, or they have so much time and money on their hands that they don't find the "upgrades" to be disingenuous and disrespectful attempts to grab their money.


Perhaps you should print all of these complaints out and send them certified mail to Thomas J. Morris, CEO, and ask him to post a reply here.

Perhaps you may have had a good experience with Silverleaf Resorts, and that is great, but this many people cannot be wrong regarding the shortcomings and issues, which in many cases border on consumer fraud and harassment.

The postings here appear to have an "aura of authenticity," in that (1) they describe events in a fashion which is far too unique and detailed to have been contrived, and (2) most people do not have time to waste posting information and experiences here which are completely false, i.e., the negative feedback reported is valid and is being placed in a public forum as a warning to others.

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