My husband and I went to one of their 90 min tours this Sunday evening in Georgia (thanks to me being suckered into going from free gifts). It was horrible like everyone else has stated the 90 min tour turned into 3 and a half hours, they were out of most of the snacks they had there, except for popcorn and sweet tea (which seem to make you hungrier and are only in the waiting area before the long boring presentation). The sales rep started crying when he was talking to us about his wife dying and his son dying later on in a car crash. I really hope for his sake that wasn't a sales pitch to soften us up, because karma is real and that will come back on him.

However, when it all came down to it, we did not buy anything from them. There is nothing they could have said to make us want this timeshare or anything else from them. It's a waste of time they lie and keep you there way pass the 90 mins. I will never attend one these again!!!

We did get the gifts: $40 gift card ( I had to put $40 down as a deposit, so I got that back in a gift card), $100 Restaurant.com gift card ( they only have restaurants that I've never heard of and wouldn't want to go to) and two trips that I'm sure we won't use, because you have to pay the taxes and fees (which I was told we wouldn't have to pay prior to going to the tour). I regret falling for this scam, because I of all people know how timeshares scam people, but they don't tell you it's a timeshare presentation. I was told it was a vacation store tour and they just wanted my husband and I to tour it so we can tell others about it, because they do not advertise and they wanted to let people know by word of mouth. I Googled them before our tour and read all the negative comments so I knew what we where in for (besides the 3 1/2 hours). I only went because they had taken $40 from me for a deposit and I could only get it back (in a gift card) by going to the tour. So we went because I wasn't going to let them take any money from me!!!

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