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I decided last minute not to go to the appt to see if the prize claims were true and instead of no showing I called the rep to cancel who "Mat" insert weirdly pronounced last name, informed me that 3 hours from appt it wasn't possible to cancel, then preceded to ask me why over and over. When I told him that that wasn't acceptable and to get his supervisor on the line, he did so.

Only to be faced with the same battery of questions, to the point I said I would just hang up. I told him to either cancel the appt and stop wasting my time and inform lake Palestine resort we weren't coming or I would just hang up. Only then did he say ok but never said he would be canceling.

SO BEWARE OF THESE PEOPLE THEY ARE SHADY. And for the record I will never deal with there company based on the treatment I received from their call center

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We apologize for missing the mark and any misunderstandings. We would like to address your latest experience.

If you have any questions you would like us to answer, please call us at 1-888-476-0991. Thank you.

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