Horrible expierence!!! They deducted $700 out of my account after they recieved a cancelation notice from me!

And after I contacted them about it for a refund, the customer service was horrible and extremely unprofessional, csr was speaking to me in a very condencending manner, they told me I wont get a refund until 30 days later!!!

Why would they still deduct my account after au notified them that I wanted to cancel... Scammers, theives, run far away!!!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Elgin, Illinois, United States #992400

Customer service sucks they need there people with better attitude.


Because the wheel is already rolling at that point. That's how it is set up.

Even though u cancel they still run off your money for 30 days until they can get more suckers!!!!! I'm telling you people I used to work here and it's a definite scam. Yes they have resorts and all that but the number of people who own is wayyyyyy more than available space.

So they bank on you depositing your week in RCI. So it will free up space.

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