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They mislead, misrepresent, and completely waste your time. I entered a drawing for a car and was informed that I had one a major prize from these guys...guaranted! When I spoke to them on the phone, it was guaranted again.

It's a long story, but the only prize we got was a stay at a hotel (airfare not included) and a gas card...which basically paid for the travel expense to get to the "resort" to begin with.

When I explained to the first salesman that I don't make hastey purchases and would not buy today, #2 salesman arrived with a drastically better deal. No again and #3 arrived with such a better deal than before that I realized they must be scaming me. I told him I would think about it for a couple of days to make sure I didn't have any other questions and (no joke) he crumpled up the papers we had in my face and walked off.

I complained to 3 or 4 people there before I realized that they didn't care, and that this must happen often.

By the way, the odds of winning the major prizes are 1 in 153,000 and change. The odds of winning a 2nd or 3rd place prize is about 1/1000. The odds of winning the *** vacation package is 1/1.

My advice is DO NOT GO to a presentation with Silverleaf Resorts. Your time would be better spent cleaning a toilet or counting specks on the ceiling.

Product or Service Mentioned: Silverleaf Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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Austin, Texas, United States #661449
I went there on Thursday because after entering a contest for a :x brand new car at the Austin auto show they told me I won a free trip and had a great chance of also winning 49,000 or a new CAR, anouthrr trip, various other things..

All of this was not worth the 90plus miin.

High pressure sales pitch by not just one but two rude people and they mocked me as well.

Just incredably unprofessional.... a waste of gas and patience.
to canyon lake silver leaf don't Brooklyn, New York, United States #661453

Count your blessings you didn't fall for it! I have spoke with three clients in the past week, that bought and then after finding this site tried to cancel after only one week.

They all were told sorry your stuck with it! That's why we are helping all owners that are victims of fraud & deception in the timeshare industry.

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“We are excited to finally have this decision behind us so we can now focus on one thing, and that is our clients. During the last 2 years they have been trying to do one thing and that is to shut us up and bankrupt us through the court system. We always felt that at the end of the day a jury would see that TAI is in the business to help people. If the timeshare industry would stop lying and sell their product honestly we would be out of business,” said Sean Austin.

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get over itttt and stop complaining.. loser

it's a small price to pay for mini vacations. :zzz
North Webster, Indiana, United States #20007

You got the trip. If you read the info I'm sure it did not include airfare.

We read the ads before hand and knew the odds when we got there. Also, the gas card was intended only to pay the way up. The gas refund was more than we paid for gas.

I didn't like the hassle of the paperwork to get the gas and trip but I knew going in that it would be. Those bonuses are not really associated with SL.,

Plymouth, North Carolina, United States #15685

You are all idiots and just don't no how to read and have fun

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