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This isn't really a complaint yet, but I got a the same call from them

Talking about I won a contest that I signed up for, and that I could possibly win a car, or 49,000 in cash, or a dream vacation, or 1500 dollar shopping spree. I just want to know is any of this real? Or just a big fat scam

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We would be happy to answer any of your questions. We're here to help.

Please feel free to call us at 1-888-476-0991.

Thank you.


I was told the same thing I won a car 4900 in case free 1500 shopping how many people have that told this to don't be fooled on these lies.

Texas, United States #883278

is a scam for you to buy timeshare they dont let you walk out if you dont buy


It's true might be out there for a lil longer than 90 min buts u get prizes For sure


I did not have the experience all of these people did. They were all very polite I was there for about an hour was told the tour was optional so I didn't do it walked out with 2 trips. I would much rather spend the few hundred on deposits and taxes then come up with the whole trip on my own.


*** no don't do it!!! me & my bf spent 4 LONNNNNNNG hours there (flint, tx) because the rep we got kept yapping.

at the end he got mad we didn't sign up and was very rude. he got his supervisor to TRY and convince us what a great deal it is. blah bla blahhh!!!

they were more mad we got 2 trips out of them for nothing. after reading policies on the back of the trip vouchers, you pay a deposit..give them 3 dates to choose from and hope you get it.

San Antonio, Texas, United States #877655

I used to work for the company and you really do receive this stuff! I miss my job but I had to move.

Of course there are taxes but it is a very good deal! You cannot walk out of there empty handed.


My boyfriend got a call from them yesterday and they said the same exact thing. Cuz we spun a prize wheel at the mall.

And later that day I got the same call. We are going this week for the tour and "prizes". I'm a little apprehensive right now.

I don't want to go all the way up there for nothing. I know they are gonna try and sell us timeshare cuz that's the whole reason they are calling us up there, but if the prizes are bs know that I'm gonna blast the *** outta them on any and every social media site


Obvi bs

Buford, Georgia, United States #875783

I work for Silverleaf, and it is not a scam. You do receive gifts.

there are taxes though that we cannot pay because its a gift.

America has taxes though. Either way its one heck of a deal, and you walk away with something you would not have had unless you bought it yourself.

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