Was sold on a cruise for &99.00 for 2 people 4 days and 3 nights all we had to do was sit through a 90 min. sales pitch on a timeshare.

Sounds great right well first of all the sales pitch took 2-1/2 hrs and then when we went to register for the cruise found out if you go during peak times it's an extra $200.00 per person. What a load of *** don't buy into any of the *** they are selling its a scam

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Hurst, Texas, United States #936455

They have not sent back my registration so I can pick my vacation dates. Can't get in touch with anyone. The whole thing is a joke.

Houston, Texas, United States #935982

Well, I am going tomorrow. I live in Houston, TEXAS.

If you read the email sent to you, it says that you will have to make a deposit ONCE you set up your vacation with the traveling agency. It is said that the deposit is refunded, it is just to hold your spot.

There is no money down until you are ready to schedule your trip. I'll keep you posted on how it goes tomorrow!

to Anonymous #984367

So what happened?

Lynnwood, Washington, United States #934210

I'm not sure what you really expected. Nothing is really free, everyone knows timeshare presentations are bs.

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