I was lied to upon buying this the man who sold me my " Presidential" was fired for doing coke in the parking lot a few weeks later he lied to my now I am in debt and they are ruining my credit score!! Oh and by the way I've been paying for 3 years and can't even book a vacation any resort I ask to go to is a waiting list of 6 months and they never call back!

I asked to sell my unit back and they said you can't and if you don't pay you will have a foreclosure on your credit! I am an only parent mom and now my home is on the market because silverleaf ruined me with their lies! When I go to my local resort they won't let my teenage girls 20,18,16 use the pool or gym unless I am there!! Hum!!

Hello I have to work and its summer and I pay 500.00$ a month and they can't use it!!!

Do not buy from these people Ever!!! You will be sorry I am sad and I have to sell my home now!

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Springfield, Massachusetts, United States #853273

I also have the same problem! I regret the day I signed those papers!

I've been paying for 7 years!

Sad part is, if Im late a month they put a block on my usage! DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE!!

Lee, Massachusetts, United States #846785

my grand daughter lost her i pod at oak and spruce and we went down the minute we got back from the pool and told them enen discribed the man who took it cause he left us a coffee maker and took the i pod off the table where he left us the coffeemaker and never took the broken one out. they made it sound like we were lying and told me they would check it out and never called back i called home office and got the run around again she had it only 6 days as it was a christmas present and we had to eat it .

not a good place to call a vacation spot they should be insured for that kind of stuff but basically i was told it was sad but too bad.

a nice example to tell a 9 year old sorry but just eat it. i wish i never bought into it and am thinking on just letting it go caluse you never can use it and now they charge you extra if your family is more then 5 to use the pool

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