I use to Work at Silverleaf and let me just say from workingv on the inside grounds of this company it's a scam! I started working there in the beginning of 2013 and thought hey I'm a single mom in my late thirties with 2 kids and I heard the pay was great.

So I took the job. At first it was enjoyable. After a few weeks the pressure and stress you deal with was unbelievable! Managers yelling at you left and right.

Stressing you out over production. Here's how it basically works. As a rep when I worked there I had to book anywhere from 12-15 shows a week so I was constantly on the phone with owners trying to get them to go out to these "update meetings" and if I didn't get my quota for the week it was my a** on the line about to lose my job. This company will make us call people over and over and over and over and over again regardless if just the day before they already told someone else they didn't want to go.

I'm not sure how it is now but I could only imagine how it is! I remember my manager pulled me in the office and said if I don't get at least 12 to book for one week I would lose my job the upcoming Friday. He told me it's not what the owner wants its what I want the owners to do. So when I tell them I need them out on Friday or whenever it's my job to basically force them to come out.

I had a lady once who told me her daughter just passed away a couple days before I had given her a call. I didn't even try to get her to come out. I gave her my condolences and told her I would give her a call in a couple of weeks. My manager was on the call listening.

He called me into the office and I can still remember his exact words. " why would you just let her go? Who cares if her daughter passed she was obviously ok enough to answer the phone!" It was that moment that made me leave Silverleaf and never look back at working there. These owners think they get treated horribly, not even close to what we as employees of Silverleaf go through.

This company needs to be shut down completely. The way the operate and run their business is not smart. And just a head ups the only way they tell you they can stop the constantly calling is if you just get the meeting taken care of. Little do they tell you that you can be removed of the calls list and they can't ever call you again.

But just be careful because whoever you speak with will tell you they need to transfer you to their manager but the only reason why is so the manager can talk to and change your mind and get you out there. Silverleaf is a scam!

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