When I first was offered a job working for Silverleaf I came on this website and almost didn't take the job because of all of the negative things I read.

I decided to take the job when my manager told me that it was all nonsense and that the job was legit.

I worked there for a year. Here is what I will say:

You get paid every week. I made $10 or commission. What this means is that if I worked 8 hours and sold absolutely nothing, I'd still get $80. Very few sales companies do that. They simply pay you nothing. So that was a bonus. The DOWNSIDE to that is that most of the time you won't get more than 15 or 20 hours a week. So if you have bills to pay, it won't do you any *** good.

Some weeks I would make $1000. Some weeks I would make $200. It was up and down up and down every single week.

Another good thing about the job is they bring the leads to you. They send you to a trade show and give you a booth. When people come up to you, you sell. How easy is that? No cold calling, no telemarketing, no roaming the streets. It's all face to face sales.

The downside to that is sometimes the trade show isn't all that great. It's luck of the draw.

All in all the job is legit. If you want to make a career out of it, GOOD LUCK. But if you're just a college student, there really is no other job that'll pay you more.

As for the reason why I personally left, the job includes a LOT of travel. Which means that I constantly had to go to different states for trade shows. It took a toll after a while. The company DOES pay for usually a nice hotel and gas money, but for the miles you put on your car and the food you have to buy - blah.

And lastly, I can't say much for complaints on the actual timeshares. I just sold people the initial trip. So when they got there, completely DIFFERENT people sold them timeshares. That I had nothing to do with.

And that is an honest opinion from an ex employee. The place is not as bad as people are making it seem. I made $1400 my first week selling packages out of Six Flags. And I had other good weeks as well. Sales is an up and down career. I really recommend to college students, but thats all. If you're an adult looking for a real job, I dunno.

But again thats my personal opinion. Maybe you want to be a 40 year old person working along side a 21 year old like me making the same amount of money.

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i work for seaside resort now in 2012 and its amazing managing to rake in about 2000 a week at the least.... its a great job and oppurntunity but only if your in sales that travel *** looks mighty sketchy

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #344631

What about the sweepstakes? The 49,000 cash, the cars, or the 1500?


There are some things that are true about anonymous ex-employee's statement that are true, depending on which job you do. I did spend a lot of time traveling, my schedule did change week by week, I did find out last minute where I'd be going. However, I worked in the Upstate New York section, NOT Texas. A lot of bad/unethical things have been said about the Texas section.

One thing you could've simply done not to have to chase down your checks is called "direct deposit" It solves all your problems. I was ALWAYS reimbursed for my gas and parking expenses.

As far as the sale goes, most people know what they're getting into. Timeshare sales is nothing new, and when you tell people they're going on a timeshare presentation they know what they're going for. If you weren't any good at making sales you can't blame the company for that. I did pretty well. However, I got tired of the travel and the off season. Theres much better jobs out there. But I don't regret my experiences. I learned a lot about sales.


This company is the worse company I have ever worked for! First off I was PT as I am a full time student.

Boss told me that full time was 30-36hrs a week and part time about 20. The first week, they scheduled me 48hrs!!!!! One day I was going to Beaumont, another College Station, another Memorial City mall... and so on!

Did I get reimbursed for gas? NO!!! After I spoke with the boss about the schedule, he did not modify it, but rather text every couple days with a new place to go. SO in the first couple weeks I had no schedule, but rather had to "harass" my boss for it, sometimes never hearing from him for 2-3days!

You're lucky if you get reimbursed for travel, every Sunday you have to drive to the Houston office to turn in your schedule or find someone else who is trustworthy to turn it in for you. You get paid every friday, or are supposed too! But you have to pick up your check at the office as well. They give you the impression that a manager will meet with you and bring it to you, but my manager did not.

SO each week I asked that it be mailed. It's been THREE weeks since I've been paid, manager ignores my phone calls, no one calls me back from the office or answers their phone, and I've driven there3 on 2 occasions (1 1/2 drive) and NO ONE was in the office. The people that are suppose to be there are a bunch of lazy *** who hardly ever work or do their job! This company is SO unorganized it's pathetic.

In Texas, the law states that employees are to have a check every two weeks. You bet your *** I'm going to report them!

As far as the "vacation packages" go, NOTHING is free!! Time is money. YES, if you buy a package you will have to go to a timeshare tour which can last up to 5-6hours!!!

The sales reps lie to the customers about that and other things just to get the sale, which I never did so that's why I didn't hardly make any sales. I treat others the way I would want to be treated with honesty and integrity!

Some trips require deposits as well, and if you cancel ...good luck trying to get your money back. If you buy the $79 package, you are NOT staying at a resort, but rather whatever hotel they want to put you in at that time!


Get an attorney involved or even threaten one and it scares the *** out of them. It will make it easier for you to cancel.

You might lose your down payment but trust me. It is a small price to pay for the *** you will endure in the future. I can't tell you how I know this but I know first hand. This company SUCKS.

Get out anyway you can. Good Luck


I was sold the package at six flags. The man showed us the places we could stay 3 days and 2 nights.

Also we would get another 3 day 2 night as a bonus vacation. We decided to go to the The Villages in Flint Texas because it had a waterpark. He made it sound like we would be staying at the resort. We did not stay at the resort we stayed at the Sleep Inn in Tyler Texas about a 20 minute drive from the resort.

I was also told that they were not high pressure in Flint. I told them we had a really bad experience in Branson Missouri.They were worse!!!! 7 1/2 we purchased a time share for 8399.00 told how we could just use it all the time. Come to find out they lied.


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