I went to their little scam on July 5th of this year. In all fairness I received everything I was promised as gifts...well sort of.

The marketing place had a stand set up at Great America in Illinois. He told me straight up "This is an easy way to get free baseball tickets and 2 nights at a waterpark Hotel..told me you don't have to buy anything..just go for the free stuff." So I decided what the ***..I'm a single father (have custody of my son) why not get this free stuff. Completely regret it now. First off they told me it would take 90 mins...4 hours later I was finally finished.

Everybody in the prize place was very pissed off because of that..including me. The guy used his little "When you stay in a hotel you only get a view of other buildings or near by traffic. Here we have wonderful views out of our rooms." He then proceeds to show me one of the rooms with a so called great view. He points out of a window where you see nothing but tree limbs/branches.

Then this *** has the nerve to say "See if you look through that hole through the trees you get a view of the golf course." L...O...L. I just shook my head. Over and over he pronounced my son's name wrong. Kept saying Ryan when his name was Rylan.

There was loads of construction going on (something he said hotels had alot of lol). He fed me a story about losing all his family members (have no idea if it was true...starting to think it was for sympathy). Then we get back and I'm hounded repeatedly about buying these condos. The first salesman..then the manager..then some other woman.

Now let me just say my mom had timeshares when I was a kid to teenager and I loved them. But these rooms were alot smaller and alot more cramped. I would never pay thousands of $ for rooms that small. I finally got annoyed with the last person trying to sell me something and I just said "I done...I'm leaving." Went to the prize house waited for over an hour for my gifts.

The one bright spot was a lady that worked in the prize building. She was very polite and nice. She was the one person there that I actually could genuinely tell wasn't one of these fake care about you salesmen. Absolutely do not waste your time with the free stuff its not worth the hassle..absolutely do not but anything from these phonys.

They would just try to drive you into bankruptcy for their own gain. I would recommend them to no one

..avoid at all costs.

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