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I was a customer for a few years and only used the resort twice the was not impressed to say the least. After speaking to one of the nice employees about the lack of cell phone reception in the area she shocked me by telling me that the resort uses cell phone jammers while on the grounds to insure customers spend thier time enjoying the resort and not on cell phones.

While this is highly illegal i reported it to the local police. The resort isddefinitely not what its cracked up to be when they promise this ans that to get youbto sign up for their scam. I lost my job and got behind some payments and heres where there tatics of customer service comes in best it incluced 6 months of 8 calls per day everyday starting at 8am -8pm after repeated attempts of explaining the situation it fell on deaf ears. I emailed them requesting them to stop calling my number and send me a copy of thier do not call list at which neither happened.

This only increased there attacks like blood to a skark threating letters increased harassing phone calls increased spam mail increased threats from collection agencies due to silverleaf.

So I changed my phone and low and behold they have got thier hands on my number again and the cycle has started again with the harassing phone calls 8am - 8pm everyday. Shameful place and people I would not recommend this place to anyone to not waste your time it is all a SCAM

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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You can file a harassment lawsuit. They are not allowed to call you that much, especially after you notified them. Call a lawyer.

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