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I am a christian woman who is married to a christian man. I would never write anything or take the time to go into detail about my experience at SilverLake Resorts if it wasn't true.

I just arrived back home to Longview, Tx from Flint, Tx where this Silver Lake Resort is located. When we pulled up to the Resort my Husband and I already felt like it was a scam because nothing in life is Free, but we were willing to be open minded. Once we walked in the environment was slightly friendly but seemed to be all business. My Husband noticed that the America's Funniest Videos was playing on the TV. He said "Hunny, if thats a DVD then you know they are up to no good"!! Turn's out it was a DVD. LOL.

We we taken by a nice lady to another building and we noticed maybe 30 other couples on our side of the room and then maybe 30 more couples on another side of the room. This is when I began to question what is really going on here. Our TOUR GUIDE/SALES REP asked us all these personal questions. Where were we from, how did we meet, etc. Then she asked Whats the most important thing in your marriage? Of course we said, Spending time with one another. There's the hook. She asked us how much we spend when we go out of town-- on hotels, food, entertainment, etc. Then she added it up and showed us a figure. Then she said what if you vacationed 10 days out of the year. Adding more money to the calculated bottom line, Then she asked what trips have you planned already. We told her Spain, LA, and another place. She was like great, but ended up using all this information against us in the end. Then she made us feel like staying in a hotel was nasty because they are public and have no extra amenities. She made buying a vacation home sound like it was a bad idea because we would be stuck in the same location and worry about security and etc. She kept saying with these options we would lose and won't be able to get back anything overtime, or build equity.. Very convincing, but still would not discuss a price. She wanted to show us the "Property"

Then we asked just tell us the catch.. She said" There is no catch!" Just lets ride and see the resort! So we played along since there was no money being mentioned at this point. She showed us the welcome center-- Included two places to eat, a gift shop and an arcade. Then she told us to walk around a peak into a gym, it was small and cramped.. Not impressed, at all. The best thing we viewed was the water-park for our kids. We felt like it was nice to see a water-park with nice indoor slides for our kids to enjoy, great!! Then we went on to view the actual condo itself.. The BBQ grill was about 20 years old and the condo looked semi-up to par. We loved the jacuzzi in the master-bath room, but felt like the beds were small and a tad but used. But the TOUR GUIDE/SALES REP said we change those out to ensure top quality.. HMMMM. We rode around in her vehicle by the way which I found to be weird, only because I felt like they should be able to at least afford a shuttle or Resort Bus Right?? After viewing the amenities, I asked Are you going to talk money now and she said yes we can. But prior to this moment my husband and I kept asking how much, how much is this?? She would not even give us a clue until we were back into the ROOM WITH ALL THE OTHER COUPLES, that we started in. Only this time we sat on the other side of the room. Which I found to be entertaining because now I see that they didn't want any of the New Comers/WINNERS OF THE ULTIMATE INVISIBLE PRIZES to over hear prices being discuss or have a plain view of people being disgusted and walking out.

Once we were seated down with our backs facing the wall. As other couples had done. Not realizing that there was a entire command center with other sales people and managers in the back of the room waiting to come over and talk. Not realizing that our TOUR GUIDE/SALES REP was sending signals to cue certain sales managers to come over. She went into another program called RCI, and how we could park our 8/7 day resort rental and travel the world. How we could travel to the other 6 resorts (4 of the resorts are in Texas, thats not a vacation, I wanna leave Texas!!) Then she kept saying this is such a great deal, you guys deserve this!! You're such good people. While the whole time while she is talking her hands shake, she tries to hide them, but I noticed. Then she went over how much we wanted to spend this year in vacations, how much we have spent in the past, and how much money we would lose if we continued to vacation like we have been. Which was a realist point, but thats going as much as we want whenever we want, and where-ever we want.

She went over the pricing, finally!!! We allowed her to play around with the papers and mispronounce my first name several times and she hit us with a pre-figured number and monthly payment. Nothing specially discussed or figured for us. It was $15,500.00 for the price and it was 487.50 a month for 3 years. They wanted us to put down $3864.00 right then at that moment. I told her NO, H-E- double hockey sticks NO. I am thinking to myself, If you would have told me to bring 3864.00 I would have been more prepared. But you want me to use all the money I have, all the resources I have to make a hast decision. My husband and I said NO. Then she brought over a man who claims to just have returned from Italy and he tried to WOW us with all the extras he had and how he only paid 194, with RCI and blah, blah, blah. Then he says " You guys make such a great couple, and I am going to work with you this evening (b/c now we have been there for 2 hours). WE GO BACK AND FORTH, BACK AND FORTH. Until this man tells us well if you can put down 200, and write a post dated check for a week from today for $1358.00 we can work out the other half. Are you serious?? What turned into a come out and enjoy a day at our resort was slowly turning into a plot to take all of our money. My husband began to really consider this deal only because it sounded great!! But the ending numbers were this to be exact. Put down 1584.00 and have monthly payments of 247.00 for 84 months at a 17.4 percent interest rate. You do the math... Thats right at 22,180.00. This is crazy!! Not including maintenance fees or special fee's. My husband and I turned down the offer and was told that we would miss the special deal because it was good for TODAY and only TODAY. So we then realized two hours had passed us by. The day was almost gone!! So at this point they say, we will send someone to talk with you about your prizes!! Your trips, 40 gift card, and a chance to win $49,000 dollars or a car... We waited... Then another gentleman came over and tried to convince us to put down 150.00 dollars to hold the price of the deal being offered today, for 18 months???.. As if this wasn't another attempt to get something from us, every-time a couple signed up they would announce their names over the intercom and the entire room cheered and stood-up to say CONGRATS. This makes you feel more inclined to buy because everyone wants to feel special. MANIPULATORS!

I was like Are you serious?? I kept thinking, Why is there so much pressure?? Why is this man's face so red?? Why does it seem like this Resort is so desperate?? Why can't they just allow us to think about it?? Why is it so rushed?? Something isn't right!!! I am so happy I stuck with my GUTT. I am happy that God saw us through these lies and repeat actions to get us to comment and do something we truly didn't want to do. We are NEWLYWEDS, why would we need to start off our marriage with DEBT.

We are in a recession!! Please BEWARE of these people!! They are salespeople. They will target and compliment you only to build you up, so you will be easier to manipulate and take advantage of your savings and money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Silverleaf Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Monetary Loss: $23.

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This is true! Better to sign up for RCI by itself.

Its a much better bargain.

RCi is condo network that has condos all over the world. and its cheap.

Dallas, Texas, United States #686681

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Fort Smith, Arkansas, United States #684259

Very smart of you to see through their sales tatics, you read everything into it down to the reason they annouce the sales.

If anyone was suckered into buying I have helped several Silverleaf owners get out of their contracts, you can use the misrepresntations against the resorts. The sales people are representing the company.

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I am so glad I have read all these comments. I "won" a trip to this resort and am scheduled to go in two weeks.

I am about to call and cancel my appointment. Thank you everyone who posted the truth.

I have read here and many other blogs about the horrors of this resort. Scary!

Thank You all for sharing your experiences. We had an appointment set, to go see the resort for tomorrow. Our drive was going to be a 250mile drive. They "insisted", we both had to go.... Gut feeling to us not too, but pressure tactics, drive you to say "OOkay".

Yesterday, we set the appoinment and today we researched the place, and ran into your comments. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

We tryed to cancel and they where giving us the run around, but finally my husband kept repeating he found these blogs and described word for word what we knew to expect. The lady tryed to tell us the representative was at lunch so we could not cancel, and had to go. So my husband then asked her to cancel it, she said no and then asked to speak to a supervisor. After putting us on hold for 3 minutes, she came back and said "Your appointment has been cancelled and SilverLeaf Resort will no longer contact you.

Those prices can sucker a person to thinking.."FREEE!". That's so true. Nothing is free, unless there are strings attached.

Unfortuanetly, your horrible experience has saved us, from the same unwanted torcher.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! :zzz :zzz :zzz

"When in doubt, google it. It's bound to be on the Web."

@AMPJ26....OMG that is exactly what happened to us.

I bought the $49 2-night 3-day package at a festival. I thought what the heck, no obligation to buy and 2 giftcards and a VIP pass to the resort and a 90min presentation. After I bought this package I had doubts about going to the presentation.

I called them to make reservations to stay for my $49 package and scheduled a 10:30am time for the 90min presentation.

They set me up in a decent La Quinta in Galveston, TX with a horrible view of a house falling apart. I asked the front desk if I could switch the next day and they informed me I was set up in a room with no view but she said she could change it if I come at noon tomorrow. I thought cool, I'll change my room after the presentation at Silverleaf's Sea Side Resort.

I can't find the *** resort because the sign was small. It took me 20min to find it after I call them and they tell me I went to far and to look for a building w/a red roof. I get there around 10:45am. It was crowded in the Welcome Center. I filled out my little "survey" and wait and wait and wait. No one came until 1pm to finally show me and my son the resort. I was p***ed by now because our day was slowly being wasted....I was voicing my opinion loudly of how ridiculous the wait was. I still had to go on the *** 90min presentation! I figured we wouldn't get done till almost 3pm! Our day is gone!

The guy finally came and asked me about 10 questions. Where I want to go on vacation and how much I usually spend now on vacation and how much money I spend at home for "entertainment". What things we like to do,etc. He then added up the estimated totals I gave him and said "wow you'll spend over $100,000 over 10yrs and have nothing to show but pictures and memories". He then proceeded to tell me how buying a week at any of the 13 properties were so much better. Ummm I live in Texas and have no desire to visit east Texas! So he kept telling me all these numbers.

He then said "lets go for a look at the room and beach" He took us in his beat up Ford Explorer Sport Trac because it was too far to walk! I would have much rather walk then ride in that beat up piece of junk!! I couldn't even open the door on his truck, I thought I was trapped in! Get trams or golf carts Silverleaf, I know you can afford it!

He then took us across the street to the beach and said that since they maintain their area of beach that it's the nicest beach area in all of Texas. Ummmm Texas has 600+miles of beach, did you personally go to all of them? Both sides of this beach area looked just as nice as thier's did. Oh I forgot to mention that the walkway to the beach does not comfortably fit 2 people walking side by side. An elderly lady was coming down the walkway and I was waiting for her to walk by. The tour guide just got on the walkway and started walking. Never told the lady excuse me as her squeezed past her. I waited for her to pass and said "excuse us". The stairs up and down to the rooms do not fit 2 people passing comfortably, not even 2 skinny people.

Next we went into the office where he finally told me the numbers. He said $15,500 and I could put down $3,800 and $400+ a month for 3 yrs and then I'd own it forever! I'm not owning anything if I can only use it a week out of the yr. Then about 5 of the properties I wouldn't want to go to. Two couples signed up for it while we were there and I wonder if they were in on the scam. So to get people to think cool, I want to buy too! They announced one couple just came in on their leer jet and signed the papers. I kept telling them I wasn't flexible on my time and couldn't justify a 2 day trip at one of the resorts. So in comes the other guy and I told him the same thing. Well our *** tour guide told him I had a problem with the numbers. The guy kept asking me why I wouldn't sign and I kept telling him that my time isn't flexible. He then dropped the downpayment to $900 and added some flex thing in. They then talked about RCI. Yeah that only saves me on hotel fees not airfare nor attraction discounts or food buying. I don't want to just hang to all day at your resort. I like to go out and see the city I visit not stay at the hotel. They then got a third guy! I told him the same thing. They finally gave up and sent me to go get my giftcards.

I waited almost 30min just to get the *** giftcards!! Then they had us do a scratch-off to see if I win a trip, a $500 giftcard or $1500 shopping spree or a car valued at $49,000. Give me a break! For real! I knew it was going to be the vacation because most people won't take it. That's what I won. I started to read the "fine print" on the back and the guy snatched it out of my hands and put it in a folder!

We wasted over 4hrs at this *** place. Never again will I buy any $49 vacation packages!


My wife and I (owners of a Presidential week at Silverleaf's Seaside Resort in Galveston, TX) went to Silverleaf (The Villages) on Tuesday, 18 May 2010, for an Owner's Update meeting (standard 1 1/2 hour (right!)). The draw?? $150 (one hundred fifty dollars) CASH!!

Dana was our 'initial' contact (tag-team member). She said that we HAD to tour the property, so we spent about a half-hour riding around and ooohing-aaaahing. Then we went into her office. She put us at ease by asking questions...when we said that we could NOT afford to buy, she said that she was required to 'explain' some stuff to us. So we allowed her to continue.

She said that ‘DIAMOND’ owners represented 10% of all Silverleaf owners while the other categories (Presidential, Lodge, Condo, and Cabin) represented 90%. Then she asked us WHO (which category) would get first response back from Customer Service. We said, “Diamond?” and she replied, “Yes. That’s why it is SO IMPORTANT to be a DIAMOND owner.”

She also went through ‘PLUS’ program….blah, blah, blah. We kept trying to tell her that we couldn’t afford it…the ONLY way we could get an extra week is IF Silverleaf would give us the property AND zero maintenance. And more blah, blah, blah. We explained that we had a Presidential with ZERO maintenance fees and would NOT buy any property with any type of maintenance fee.

She finally came to her LAST couple of points. If we wanted to get a RED-week Lodge, Silverleaf could let us have one for $36K (thirty-six THOUSAND dollars!!!)…50% down ($18K) and $500/$600 per month (PLUS maintenance fee of $69).

But, if we wanted a RED Presidential, we could buy one for $68K (sixty-eight THOUSAND dollars), with 50% down payment ($34K) and monthly payments of $1000/$1100 per month (PLUS maintenance fee of $89 per month).

NOTE: Monthly payments are given as rough approximations, only.

We told her again, NO, we can’t afford it. So she said that she would get her boss and have him ‘talk’ with us.

After about 15 or 20 minutes (it seemed longer), Mr. Dave Cortez, Member Services Sales Manager, came in. He basically restated all the stuff Dana had told us, albeit somewhat more concise. We again said, “We can’t afford to buy. The ONLY way was if Silverleaf gave us a property for FREE to include ZERO maintenance.” He sort of scoffed at the idea, and said (more or less) that Silverleaf doesn’t give out ZERO maintenance. Then we told him that we had ZERO maintenance. He looked disbelievingly at us and then turned to the computer. I’m guessing that he pulled up our account ‘cause he then looked at the computer disbelievingly. He asked us how we managed to get ZERO maintenance. We told him that a Member Services person at Holly Lake was so intent (desperate?) on upgrading us from a cabin at Lake O’ The Woods that she offered us ZERO maintenance fees AND ZERO percentage rate on the loan if we upgraded to a condo at Holly Lake (which we really couldn’t refuse). AND, that we had insisted on and kept ZERO maintenance fees ever since. Finally, he said that he wanted to check the computer to see if there was any way he could find us property so that we could become DIAMOND.

Another 15 minutes or so passed. He returned, saying that he thought that he found something that might interest us. He opened with a RED Lodge for $9999 ($5,000 down payment and $300/$400 per month…with maintenance fee). We again stated that we couldn’t afford it.

Then he came out with the piece de resistance (or so he thought). He said that Silverleaf had a property (BLUE Cabin) that had been returned to inventory because the owners had passed away and the non-payment of maintenance fees caused the property to come back to Silverleaf (or something similar). He said the property was priced at $8000 ($4000 down payment, $XXX monthly payment, with $46.50 maintenance fees). However, he said, if we would buy the DIAMOND Plus Program for $5995, he would throw in the property. AND, he brought out a magazine for ??? (Camp Out America or Go Camping America or ???), a camping program where you can rent sites for $4 to $8 a night. He said that if we would pay the $89 to transfer the ‘program’ ownership from the dead couple to us, that he would also throw in the membership (unfortunately, I can’t remember specifically which camping program/magazine was proffered, but I remember the $4 to $8 per night for sites).

OK, we again told Mr. Cortez that we couldn’t afford to buy any additional property. We were in the process of liquidating our assets (selling our house and getting rid of our stuff), buy a pop-up camper, and becoming road gypsies. He said that the DIAMOND ownership was imperative for us to guarantee that we could really enjoy using Silverleaf’s RV sites (not all resorts) and combining it with our Endless Escape. Again, we said, No. He then gave us his business card, wrote Dana’s name, and told us that when we had sold our house, we should give him a call and see what was available at that time.

They finally let us go. Our “90-minute” owner’s update meeting had turned into a 2 ½ hour meeting. We went to the front desk, retrieved our voucher, and then went to the Registration Desk (check-in) and exchanged our voucher for $150 cash.

So, there it is, folks. YOU must remember that these sales people are NOT your best friend and they do NOT have your best interests in mind. The ONLY way they get paid is by COMMISSION; the only way for them to get COMMISSION is to SELL property—at any cost. Remember that YOU are in the driver’s seat and YOU control their pay. As long as you say, NO, they do NOT get paid. NO matter how many times they ‘push’ you to buy, NO matter how many ‘deals’ they tell you---JUST SAY NO!

Just make it (perservere?) through the 90-minute (or 2-hour, 3-hour or sometimes longer) presentation (a typical ‘dog and pony’ show) and then walk away with the money. Don’t be ‘tricked’ or ‘shamed’ into buying!!!

CAVEAT EMPTOR (Buyer, Beware).

to Merhaba1995 #725580

If you know what they are gonna do then why do you even go to the meetings. If you are purposely gonna go just to say no and know that's how they make a living what does that say about you.

And you call them the bad guys. I wish you're company would give me free gifts so I could come waste your time at work and laugh in your face while you don't get paid.

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