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Silverleaf resorts is no longer an American company it's now bringing in India. Guess what you will now be getting calls from foreigners over seas.

Look them up genpact.com. Now you will get calls from Apoo about your silverleaf property. Prepare for the downfall of silverleaf resorts thanks to Cerberus. Think you can't use your property wait till the take over you won't really be able to use.

Your hard earned American dollars will help the India economy way to go silver leaf resorts better yet thanks David Brownsweig at the dallas corporate office. Great job buddy all about money with you folks. Folks if I was you I would sell your timeshare and not support a so called American company. What happened to made in the USA????

Now we support other countries that's what's wrong with us now. I myself will take a stance and sell my property this is something I will not stand for. I hardly get to use my property now and now when I call I get a *** foreigner who can speak English what a *** shame silverleaf. Lie after lie when will it stop????

You conned me into the property now this???? You should be called conns vacations lying ***!!!!! I will not support a company that supports another country sorry just can't do it just for foreclose on me.

I will spread the word on your shameless tactics.

Monetary Loss: $25000.

  • Silverleaf selling to India
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