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My husband and I are in the same situation as a lot of people. I'm glad some people were able to get out within the 6 days.

We aren't so lucky. As a matter of fact our sales rep didn't even go over the cancellation process for more than two seconds( the first time that is) she told us we had 5 days and that's it. They then called us in two weeks later for new owners orientation that they said would only take an hour and was mandatory. We ended up staying there for well over 5 hours with two kids in tow and they didn't even care.

We were telling them we didn't want to upgrade after we found out what the meeting was really for and our sales rep kept saying this is a one time deal and going to get someone whom she said was over her to make a special deal with us because we were ready to leave. Each time we tried to get up she would say" well just hold up let's see what we can do for you guys since you are so nice" finally I said enough we have to leave because we had a Drs appointment to attend ( our sales rep told me to cancel it because this was more important and we wouldn't be done in time). She then gave my husband some new papers to sign claiming that they were for us coming to the meeting and picking up even more gifts. Then he looked at the top and noticed it was a new deed.

She straight scammed us. After he called her out on it she said that he had signed and couldn't back out. She then tried to offer us free water park tickets for making us wait for almost 6 hours. I just want to get out of this *** contract with these people.

I had a person call me yesterday from silver leaf but she stated that she needed to give some more information to our sales rep to see what she could do for us. She even tried to make me rethink not wanting it. It sucks being pressured into buying something that you don't want and they butter you up. No is not an option for these people.

If you say no they will try to offer you deals of a lifetime.

They even claim they put an employee discount rate on ours. We took over someone else's so it has to be a way out!

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My girlfriend and I succombed to the sales pitch, got invited to a "free" weekend, where we were given another hard sell. When I told them we wanted out, we were told we couldn't get out of it, we were past the time limit, there was no way to break the contract.

I said watch me. Within two weeks, I had the revocation documents in hand, signed and returned.

The key was when I told the contact at their corporate office I had contacted the Texas States Attorney General's office to file a formal complaint, and those complaints are investigated, he couldn't get the documents to me fast enough. You can get out, but you have to be persistent.

Williamsburg, Virginia, United States #1023314

In the timeshare business, if their lips are moving ......... Rescind if you are within the allowed time.

They don't deserve your business.

And, remember, you are the one in charge of the interview. Don't let people manipulate you.

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