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Hi all,

You already know what I will talking about. However, my story is different than any stories here. Before the presentation, I did well prepare for the “show” and made the schedule Friday afternoon so they cannot hold me over midnight and I have a lot of time for Fri weekend; remember: DO NOT BRING YOUR KIDs. Since this is the first time, I have wonder that we should use stop watch and walk out all at 90 min. The truth: after 4hrs, they do tired while we want to talk more and more. The manager offerred me an initial package and then byed and walked away without coming back (usually they pressure you 2nd, or 3rd package etc …) They told me they had to stop because run out of time and they need to go home. While I had a lot of questions about the price given. Here I am: accountant. They told me: sorry, the package is intend to sale to happy vacation family, not for accountant like you. Here is the process at Irving, Texas (very close the the Irving Mall)

--- Walk in: sign in and wait (driver licence and credit card required. They just look for verification and return to you, no copy as I know of)

--- A representative will show and walk you in the room, think about car dealer, just like that.

--- Then they communicate, ask you about your life, how you spend your money, concentrate on how you spend on your vacation during the last 3 year, and predict for the next 5 years, and vacation for your life. Well, all of these questions are for the comparision purposes.

--- Then they do calculation that saying you waste your money for hotel, and these and that, etc …

--- And they introduce you the package of their “dream home vacation.” Price range from 8000 … 35000 depend the length and the option.

--- Then they walk you to a manager. His mouth is so sweet about negotiation the price. But hey, I told you what was going from the beginning.

--- After cannot put me buying anything, they give me a lady to do the survey, then walk me to the waiting room for the gift. Be patient, only 1-2 lady do the gift processing. Depend on how many people waiting in front of you.

--- After the gift, all DONE.

*** Here is my reaction during the presentation: nice and polite. Starting by saying this is my first time, a lot of question, nervous, pressure, etc … and I do time stop. Please stop at 90 minute. The lady was OK. She was nice, looks like she is a student. So I do not want to kill her job either. I treat her nice also. She advertise a lot (well it is her job) and everytime like that, I gave her the price compare from my tablet, all beat her price. I even showed her people want to get rid of the package by selling cheap for like $1000 for the 35,000 pkg because they cannot handle maintainant fee anymore. I am so interesting with their high crazy price.

They give you the price for the package, then want you to make payment monthly. As an accountant, I saw immediately high inrested rate buit inside the payment, and the sale manager admitted that it is 17% APR. This has never been shown and been told on anywhere during the presentation. Plus 1 week vacation is 1 TIME, not a week split.

They offerred me pk PRIME (stay any day 365) for $20,000 including closing cost (I told the manager, forget about the payment, just the plain price). Plus maintainant fee is $77/month (10% off if pay a year). The maiantainant fee is not fix, increase yearly. So do the math: 77*12*10% = 832 a year to stay for 8 day 7 night in their resort (RCI pay xtra $219 for 7 night). Mean every night you pay almost $120 (current value, may go up next year.) Sound good? Judge yourself. For me, even give me free pk and let me pay maintainant fee, still high and not freedom. What if you loose your job? What if you do not want vacaton this year?

Every one have different situation. So remember any price they give you, do the math. Do not let the price fools you. These may be good for some one, but not for any ones else. They day I show up, 99% customers are below middle class. Feel sorry for them if they do involve without knowing what they are doing. Good luck.

Product or Service Mentioned: Silverleaf Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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to Anonymous #982112

I did not get mad. Just share my opinion only.

Read the end of my post please.

Any one should be responsible with what he/she doing. Once sign, cannot retract.

to Anonymous #1102825

Must be a silverleaf worker lol

Arlington, Texas, United States #974179

What prize did you get ?

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