As a former employee, you owners have to understand...just like you have jobs we have jobs. You think we like calling you and hearing what tired excuse you have as to why you can't come out!

No, it stressful for us as well. That's just how we get paid. even if you know they're calling to get you to hop to a update meeting...just go...You don't have to buy anything...completely understand is high pressure but y'all making it hard for those that do work there to keep a job...then y'all say yeah and when they call back y'all act like y'all can't answer the phone...it really does stress employee out. Don't want us to call, go to the meeting won't hear from us for 3 to 4 months...

So would you rather hear from them 4 time a year or everyday doging their calls? I'm just saying, y'all don't have to be rude when y'all on the phone either, they pressure reps to call owners, they are human, just don't take it out on them....Well I hope it helps you understand what some employees may go thru

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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