I attended the sales meeting and everything sounded great. The salesman said that I would be able to call in anytime and get a room; they are never filled to capacity.

So I bought a Silverleaf timeshare so I would have a place to get away to when ever I wanted. Sounds Great so far! The following week I went to Hill Country Resorts and I requested a room at the front desk; they are never filled to capacity. The front desk told me there were no vacancies and I would have to call in to make a reservation.

*** me, I should have realized this was the procedure. I called reservation and the reservation clerk told me there was no vacancies, however, there was a vacancy in Missouri or some place far away. So I asked for an upgrade; I was willing to pay extra money for a presidential suite. No vacancies!

Well I was begining to feel ***. So I asked about the next weekend. No vacancies! But I could be placed on a standby list.

Whoopie!!!!!!!!! Since my first attempt, I have tried at least five times to get a reservation. No vacancies, but, again, I can be placed on a standby list. I have stopped paying my monthly fee after all these attempts, because I have not been able to stay at Hill Country Resorts.

The collection department started calling me and my Wife at work and demanded money. I informed the collection agent that she was calling my work and to stop calling. The agent said that since they were working for the company they had the right to call me at work. I just laugh and told her no you don't have the right.

They are so funny! I informed that once I tell you this is my work number you will cease all calls to this number. She kept on ranting they have the right, bla, bla, bla... whatever.

I think her last name was "T" something. Anyway, after that mornings funny call I called my Lawyer to stop these entertaining calls. My Attorney immediately sent out a letter to the Corporate office to stop all contact. I have not received anymore calls from Silverleaf.

Three weeks later I received paperwork in the mail that they want me to sign. The paperwork will release me from any further payment and I would not be reported to the Credit Agencies. Again these people are sooooooooo funny!

I gave them over 2000 dollars to get started and have paid them for five months in a row. I am meeting with my Attorney next week for further action I let you know how everthing goes.

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Does anyone have an advice for me--I was 18 when they kept me there at their sales center for 5+ hours as I repeated over and over that I was going to college and me and my boyfriend did not have any savings. Finally they somehow convinced me to use my credit card for the initial payment!

I have now been paying for 2 years and am still in college and no richer. I cannot sacrifice for this anymore--I too have merely been able to gain access to the Villages twice.

Help! Do I get a lawyer or what?


I just want to say so far the only problem I have is that I wanted to have a party for my 3 kids birthdays my fiancee and I together have a large family and were hoping to invite about 10 adults from his side and 10 from mine. We were told we could have unlimited amount of kids but only 10 adults I think this really sucks, unless we buy another week which we really don't want to waste anymore money on this. Does anyone know if they really count how many adults come.


Hey everyone I just kind of read over everyone's comments on this page and just wanted to make a few of my own. First I would like to address Carol's comment about using the $563.00 dollars a month to pay a lawyer to help you out if they sue you.

Save your money and time because they will never take you to court. Someone else on here said the same thing and Trust they are right when they say that they will not sue you. I used to work there(unfortunately)and know what the procedures are when a customer stops paying. For one, the reason that they call you so much if you stop paying, just can't afford it, or just don't want to pay it anymore is because it does cost them money to actually get it out of your name so they can resell it, but that is how that stay in business.

They just resell people's deeds that just came back to them or somebody upgraded out of. That is why they are always able to come back and show you some amazing deal that they say they just found. There is a binder that sits on the Directors desk, which gets updated every week, that the mangers can look through to find you that perfect deal. They don't send them back to the corporate office and get them re-appraised at the end of the day, for the people that allegedly just upgraded out of, what a joke for them to even say that.

Sure the Texas Real-Estate does have a say so on the deeds being sold, but they really don't care what happens to the deed's after the property has been sold once. It sounds really good when they tell you that you can always come back and buy what they call "the anytime offer", which is just one week at whatever resort you go back to and purchase. They say, " it's only a week at one location and you will be paying full market value whenever you come back". That is when you say that fine and go get your gifts because that is all lies.

If you were to come back the next day and say, "I want something similar to what you were showing me yesterday", that is whenever the binder comes back out and they go through it to find a similar deed for the same price. It will still come with the ground usage, bonus time, and the RCI, That's if you chooses to become member's with RCI. You can always add RCI, it's just easier to do it whenever you sign up because they will do all the paper work for you for a fraction of the cost. They say their doing all this just because it is your first visit and if everyone had all the perks you would never be able to use it.

Well I can tell you every one that owns at Silverleaf has some sort of bonus time package, which has changed over the years just because of the over population, but rest assure everyone has it on there deed. If you read your contact it states that they have the right to take the Bonus time package off or change it at anytime they want to. So for Carol the reason you probably cannot ever get in on your Bonus time is because they do not have a lot of units out there. I know that's no excuse for them telling you you can use it anytime, but they are building more units out there so that will probably help out.

You also can call up to 14 days in advance to try to use your BT. Whenever they tell you that they will put you on a waiting list, well they pretty much tell everyone that, and they will call you whenever they know that they have vacancy. The reason they do that is to make sure that now one is coming in to use their RCI week from another resort. Yes RCI members that own at a more high in-demand resort will actually get to use it in front of you.

That is what the timeshare industry is all about, supply and demand. You always have a better chance of getting to use your bonus time if you call your manager that originally showed you that great deal that was only good for that one day. The reason they want to keep you happy is because if you cancel or stop paying they get charged back on the commission they made off of you. So when anyone is going to try using their Bonus Time always call try to call the manager that helped sigh you up in the first place, if you still have their cell phone number, if not call the sales floor and ask to speak to any manager and find out who in charge of your account because a lot of time if a manager leaves they will leave their accounts with another manager, but you you want to make friends with you manager because they have the most pull when it comes to using your bonus time or for anything that has to do with you happiness with your program.

Carol they will not sue you and nothing will ever go on your credit report so just call your manager or any inside sales manger to help you use your program. Don't go to member services because all they will do is tell you that you need to upgraded in order to use the program in the way you want to use it. The program can work in your favor if you know how to use the system. I have seen people that own blue weeks use their bonus time in the middle of the summer, just because they know who to call and what to say when they do call.

If anyone has any questions about what you have feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me and I will try to answer your questions. Best of luck to everyone.

to HelpTimeshareOwnerGetOut Richardson, Texas, United States #1194478

If we stop paying all together what happens?


Has anyone in the Houston area been willing to sue SilverLeaf for Deceptive Trade Practice? I have read so many stories that are identical to my experience.

I was talked into upgrading to two units at Galveston. The salesman said "you will have no problem getting into the Galveston Resort if you upgrade to two units." During the course of one year, I was not able to get any bonus time reservations. I was also unable to use my springbreak week because my kids had a different week and I needed to call a year in advance.

I found these lies made it difficult to continue paying $563 a month. They are threatening to sue me and I would rather pay an attorney instead of paying my hard earned money to this company.


The silverleaf corporate told me when I was behind on payment to use my bank's overdraft protection and they would waive my maintnance fees and send me a gift card to take my family out to dinner?!? Isn't that illegal to tell people it's ok to right a bad check if you have overdraft protection?


This message's for HAPPY CUSTOMER. I will be paying a whole lot less for a vacation at hilton or wyndham.

If you are paying $300 a month for a silverleaf resort, that's $3600 a year, I can pay less for that and have a great vacation,plus you wont fell like you got ripped off. so save your money,every month it adds up. If you dont want to pay $3600 OR MORE A YEAR FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, then stay away from them. besides, their resorts are dirty.

they will let any person inside. stay away from them. timeshares are worthless.

They say that all their rooms are filled, that's a lie. They just want you to upgrade,which is the same worth less situation.


Look its not a hotel where you can just go reserve it whenever you want to. The week you purchase is the only week that you are guaranteed a vacation.

If your trying to stay at a week other than your own silverleaf has to find someone who isn't using their week and offer it to you... that's how timeshares work. The more desirable the week, the more you have to pay. So if you buy a week in september when nobody goes on vacation, and you want to go on vacation in december when everyone goes on vacation, don't expect a reservation unless you are really lucky.

I personally think you are *** for letting your timeshare go because you put all that money into it and the reason they aren't going to go to court about it is because it is financially not worth it for them, they would just as soon take it back and sell it to someone else, so congrats you just gave them all that money for nothing. I've been a timeshare holder with silverleaf for many years and you have to learn how they work in order to use them and get the benefit from them.

to kate #1452922

Still worthless.

you want to send your family on big vacations and refuse to pay full price for it!!! you will get what you pay for!so stop crying and buy your family a grand vacation @ hilton or wyndham and see how much will cost you *** hole!!!!!!!!!! :grin

I just don't know why so many people get into this trap. Include me...

Like a friend told me, their sales persons REALLY look like a shark!!! They do everything to get our money... So, be careful everybody.

I just can't stop think how to tell everyone to not get involve for this company!!! They will be your biggest nightmare ever.


It is really amazing that people would really use this site as tool to base a major purchase on. Silverleaf’s BBB rating is a B+.

Yes there are complaints but those complaints have been addressed and they have a B+ rating. That speaks volume for the company's reputation and the organization as a whole.

There are always going to be people unsatisfied, people looking for something for nothing. If you don’t want to own a timeshare then don’t purchase one but don’t get on here and slam a company because you changed or mind or can no longer afford it.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #86845

my hubby and i purchased from silverleaf. What a joke.

We cancelled in less than 24 hours and after 2 months of not hearing from them for more than them sending back our deposit, we got a leter that they were sueing us. We told them go ahead so we could, in court under oath tell about the LIES and MISINFORMTION we were told. They backpedalled real quick and sent papers to COMPLETELY cancel ALL business with them. If in the next couple weeks they dont do what they said they would we too plan to go to a lawyer.

My hubby and I would LOVE to join in ANY AND ALL litigation agaisnt Silverleaf. THEY ARE ALL LIARS THERE> DONT PURCHASE FROM THEM NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!!


These people tell many lies. They call me every other week to see if we will upgrade.

The last time i was there the sales person was pissed off. I did not initially purchase this property. My wife did. I'm going back for some more entertainment.

Until they take this property back. No nothing reported to the credit bureau. Probably not until you stop paying them.

Please don't do any business with these snakes. Used car salesmen x 10.


So tell me...what is your position at Silverleaf? Is one of your job duties to go on sites like this...pretending to be a person that purchased one of these "Properties"?

OK everyone...I KNOW that if you cxl it will not affect your credit. But dont take my word for it. Companies that would report something negative...also report the positive...do they not??

OK call yourself and find out if any of your on time payments have been reported..(In the same way your mortage payment, car payment and cc payments are) They DO NOT REPORT!

To further add...I know people personally who cxl'd their contract...and nothing ill happened to their credit.

DONT Believe the BS---CXL your contract!


This Is To The Person That Claims They “Know How To Get Out Of Your Contract.”

Your Number 3. Is Completely Wrong By Saying “No Matter What They Have Told You..."I Know For Sure". Cxling Your Contract By Not Making Payments Will Not Affect Your Credit. They Do Not Report To Any Credit Agenies.

Wait Three Months And Recheck Your Credit.

To Everyone Else, Canceling Your Contract As With Any Contract Will Indeed Be Reported To The Credit Agencies! Silver Leaf Resorts Reports It At 90 Days.

I Was Told This By A Manager That I Didn’t Believe Because Of Post Like This Now I Am Fighting To Try And Have It Removed.

As To Number 4. “Once You Cxl Your Cc Or Close Your Bank Acct. They Will Call And Say That The Property Will Go Into Foreclosure And Your Credit Will Be Ruined. Don’t Believe This It Is A Lie!!!”

It Too Is Not True. Make Sure To Check Your State Laws About But In Texas The Law Is At 8 Months For Timeshare Companies. The Foreclosure Will Only Take Care Of The Contract And Not The Promissory Note. That’s Why That After A Foreclosure, The Purchaser Still Owes The Balance.

And Number 5 Is Just Poor Observation “#5 This Will Get Them Off Your Back Really Quick. Tell Them You Will Contact An Lawyer To Sue Them. With All They Have Going On In The Courts Currently... They Don't Want To Add Another.”

Advising Them You Are Getting A Lawyer Doesn’t Get You Anything Except A Call From Their Legal Department. At That Time They Expect A Lawyers Name And Number Where They Can Contact Them Immediately.


I have been a Silverleaf owner for over 20 years. They always have questionable policies, but we can usually work around them.

Not always, but usually. However, the maintanance fees are becoming outrageous as a time when people cannot afford for things to go up in price. Also, we have never missed any maintanance payments and our properties are paid for. Silverleaf has a new scam running, though.

Now they have implemented a one-time special assessment fee. If you don't pay it, it goes up $5.00/month. When you call the Dallas, Tx. office, the personnel are rude and tell you that it is for upgrades and repairs to the resorts.

I told her that that is what the maintance fees are for and have always been for. That was how it was explained when we bought the property.

They claim that the monthly fees are for maintanance only and do not include upgrades or replacement costs. I guess I will also be looking for an attorney and I certainly hope this turns into another class action lawsuit against Silverleaf and their constant attempts to find ways to screw their owners.

to DJ #1452926

That's because more and more member realize they were swindle from the start and stop paying those outrageous bills. Kash is King!


I've been a member of SLR for the past 12 years and I love it. Sure there are things that aren't right, but where is there a perfect place.

My son and daughter have grown up in SLR and they love it. My son is now 21 and daughter 13. Remember "bonus time" is what it is. It's time that you get to stay when it's available.

We get in on bonus time 6-7 times a year, which isn't bad. You have just got to use the system for what it's worth. No weekends in the summer aren't always easy to get.

But 8 times out of 10, if you get put on the waiting list you will get a call back and be offered something. Salemen are what they are, sharks and if you let them *** you and fast talk you, you'll get bitten everytime.



I am advising those who wish to get of the contract signed with Silverleaf. This is from a person that once worked for "Silverleaf".

#1-You have 6 days to cxl...send a registered letter to the corp office and to the actual resort where you signed. The letter has to be post marked within that 6 day period and when they get they'll cxl your contract.

#2 If you have gone beyond that time frame. Call your cc company. cxl your cc card. As long as they have your cc # they WILL keep charging it.

#3 No matter what they have told you..."I KNOW FOR SURE". Cxling your contract by not making payments will not affect your credit. They DO NOT Report to any Credit Agenies.

#4 Once you cxl your cc or close your bank acct. They will call and say that the property will go into foreclosure and your credit will be ruined. DON"T BELIEVE THIS IT IS A LIE!!!

#5 This will get them off your back really quick. Tell them you will contact an lawyer to sue them. With all they have going on in the courts currently... they don't want to add another.

#6 Dont go back to the resort to cxl. They will try to upgrade you by saying," this is the only way it can be done". Again another lie. These people are slick! While you're going broke they are riding around in Hummer's, Cadi's and BMW's.

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