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After a mailing my fiance received, he called the # & was told he was a "winner" of a trip and also may be the winner of 1 of 4 other prizes. He went back & forth, over the phone, with the rep & was assured no $ was required & if he went to the Oak 'N Spruce Resort to meet for 90mins, he would be awarded prizes, regardless of whether he purchased their timeshare or not. He was also told he would be "well taken care of and well fed", while there. He was urged to bring his family, myself & our children, included.

We made a 3 hour ride up there with the kids and by the time we got there we were all starving! We sought out the "free" meals and found nothing more than free popcorn, cookies and coffee (yay). We were sent back & forth between 2 desks, in 2 different buildings. First, we were directed to an arcade/games area where there was a concession stand & a menu on the wall of over-priced fast foods & plenty of games the kids wanted to pump OUR money into. (haha, NO WAY!) This is when my fiance called the 888 phone# he originally called and asked about the "free meals". We went back to the "main building" and asked the sweet girl at the desk where we could find this "free meal". She brought us out a door & into a hallway & directed us to go up an elevator, but to "please not speak of this to ANYONE because if anyone found out she would have stuff THROWN at her"! (Huh?!?) I thought this was included in the "tour"? We finally found this tiny room & there were 3 things to choose from on a small 6' table. 1 hot dog left in the heating pan, some alfredo slop and some chili in a pot. My fiance asked the slob, eh hem, employee if there were any more hot dogs..."Nope". So, we grabbed the (1) hot dog & (half frozen) hot dog rolls & the other kids opted for the other choices, they were hungry! There were some soda, literally in a COOLER over against a wall. Looking around, while choking down this "chili", I noticed the floors were littered with trash & food particles EVERYWHERE. The other few eating in there who, I'm assuming, were "owners" of their timeshares, we're nothing less than "white-trash", bottom of the barrel looking people. Like they paid bums off the street to "act" for the day. P.S. - I AM white. so please take no offense to this statement!

After this nightmare, we were finally called, on his cell phone to meet with "Ted". Ted seemed really nice & was great with the whole presentation, we were sold! He said HE was sitting where we were years ago & HE purchased his timeshare & ended up working for the company. He described the many vacations he & his family have taken, being owners here. He repeatedly used our children as the MAIN REASON we should purchase this "deeded" timeshare. (by the way, I had my kids CLEAN the room/mess THEY DIDN'T make because there were toys EVERYWHERE, it was a MESS!) And tell also made reapeted sexual references to the time my fiance & I could share in Silverleaf's resorts. The rooms WERE nice, but we all know these are just SHOW rooms. But, we truly wanted to believe we could go here, any weekend, as promised if we purchased the timeshare and enjoy the arcade, pool, mini-golf, sauna, gym, free movie theater and all other empty promises.

Finally, got down to cost. They asked for close to $4,000 as a down payment & then almost $700 every 6 months to own this "deed" we could pass on to our children when they had families of their own. (once again making my blood boil, dragging my KIDS into this". We said this cost was impossible for us and after 2 more reps coming in, they said $150 down, $85 a month for a $1,000 "sampler package". Which ONLY includes a 5 night stay at their resorts, when paid IN FULL, at the end of 10 months! Oh and we could go hang out at their 3 hour away resort ANY day, for free, but not stay overnight (super-yay!). At the end of 10 months, we begin payments into out lifetime deed ownership and can stay almost anywhere in the world via a second time depositing program they are affiliated with, but only on white, blue or red level weeks we buy into. Red being best, white being maybe 4 weeks out of the entire year. Which proves what I'VE read on the internet - people who buy the timeshare NEVER get to BOOK at these resorts because they're always FULL. One guy said he hasn't been able to book in over 3 YEARS because there is never available rooms!!!

Anyway, we were coerced into this fraud because it seemed like an investment, something our kids could enjoy with THEIR kids! Ha! This place will be OUT OF BUSINESS well before THEN! We signed the paperwork, $150 to be withdrawn next week, because clearly we did not have the deposit THAT day. ANd on the way out we saw our sales rep, leaving with his family. As friendly as he seemed during our meeting, do you think TED could even LOOK over at us and wave goodbye on our way out? Nope, he stared straight ahead and drove out of the parking lot as if he did not even see us cross in front of his car...like HE DIDN'T EVEN SEE US!!! Guilty conscience, ya think?!?

Needless to say, we are RESCINDING from our contract via certified mail TOMORROW! This is on the bottom of your contract, if you were suckered in, as well. Must be received by Silverleaf by mdnight, on the 3rd day, after date of signing contract - so HURRY UP! Mine is being mailed out tomorrow, as I mentioned, and I WILL follow up HERE. Mail cancellations to: Silverleaf Resorts, Inc., 1221 Riverbend Drive, Suite 120, Dallas, TX 75247.

As for the free gifts, crappy "trips" you need to put your own $$$ out for in "taxes and reservation deposits"! Oh and good luck finding a convenient date and time to use those "FREE GIFTS"! Psh, what a JOKE! At least my kids got to see the beautiful "Berkshires" in MA, for the 1st time! We WILL be back to the Berkshires, but we will NOT be staying with SILVERLEAF at Oak 'N Spruce Resort!!!

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Medford, Massachusetts, United States #1240349

i went through the same sales pitch and it wasn't really like that. first if you really expected a bunch of free stuff and not a sales pitch then you are a sucker.

i walked out of my sale with an 800 trial week which i took two weeks ago, and i had a great time. no the packages aren't worth the prices they charge and the credit card interest rate charges are ridiculous, but the place was great, as was the prices of the food and games. the staff was friendly and helpful, everything was clean. if you bought off of someone at 50c on the dollar and paid cash the place is totally worth it.

i think you're just bitter because you wanted a bunch of free stuff. do your research and don't buy what you can't afford and it's not an issue.


I will be truthful about this place. I own a for over 2 years a share here.

I do like it. yes, its been around for years. I has been improved on since I bought. Modernize and I was just bought out by orange, the company that runs the holiday inn TS.

And they already add them to there listing. You also get RCI membership for the first year. I say it worth it. The only thing that make me mad, is that I have to make like 5 -10 calls, to let them know my wife isn't attending the meeting.they away say, she has to, for legal reasons.

And it take about a month for them to final say I can go alone to the meet. This is my only irritation with them. My son has Austim, he doesn't like large crowds so much.

I would be happy if they change this policy. But I love it there


I got a call today. They told me about Mercedes, $1500 and %500 and all other prizes. After reading reviews here, I am no going to particiate in this scam.


The good reviews are from the timeshare sales people.hk .tll


Total scam.sounds like a scam.smells like a scam.is a scam.went through all the BS. Don't waste your time..hktll

Massachusetts, United States #884741

My wife and I have owned a unit here for almost ten years. We have enjoyed it, have traveled to

Williamsburg Pa, traded for a week in Aruba and this year are heading to the White Mountains of New Hampshire, with the other group this person is talking about.

You do have to handle your own airfare. There is a transfer fee and the yearly fee for maintenance is about $1,200. We have also traveled to another Silverleaf Resort in Branson Missouri which was beautiful. It all what you make it.

I would suggest if your not interested don't do it. It that simple. It is a timeshare organization and they do try to sell. It can be aggravating at times but you be in control.

Best wishes and try to be happy.

Life's too short. We all make some good decisions and some bad as well as we travel it.


I was coerced at the Patriots game to go. It sounded good at first, but after reading all of these things I want to cancel my $40 deposit. Will a credit card company cancel this?

to Tracy Boston, Massachusetts, United States #863468

Tracy, I would dispute the charge or cancel the card, honestly.

Weymouth, Massachusetts, United States #852440

Question for anyone , My husband and I paid the 40.00 to check out this place. from what I have read is horrible.

Should I call my bank to see if they can cancel the 40.00 dep that we paid, so we don't waste our time? Thoughts please!

to Darlene #863446

Let us know if you cancelled successfully. I want to cancel as well!

to Tracy Boston, Massachusetts, United States #863463
YES! I did, but had to do it within the specified timeframe.

I believe it was 3 days, at the time. That may have changed within the past few years, though. I paid to have the letter sent overnight, certified mail.
Silverleaf will call you repeatedly after they receive the letter. IGNORE their calls or tell them you will contact your attorney if they do not stop.

To take it a step further, I also cancelled my credit/debit card I used for a down payment and ordered a new card. So worth the 14 day wait (for the new card) to get rid of the a-holes once and for all!
Best of luck to you!

Any questions, please fell free to ask! :)
to Darlene Boston, Massachusetts, United States #863470

Darlene, as I suggested to Tracy... I would dispute the charge or cancel the card, honestly.

Houston, Texas, United States #832969

This was pretty much my experience down in Conroe, Texas. I think there's a special place in *** for the people who high-pressured and bullied people out of their hard-earned money.

I also think that the number of people that have been cheated is probably huge. When is someone going to do a huge lawsuit and put these folks out of business?

to annietap Boston, Massachusetts, United States #863474

I wish SOMETHING would be done. It's disgusting.

They can ABSOLUTELY be reported to the Better Business Bureau, as well as the federal Consumer Protection Agency.

I will file a report with BOTH and I hope everyone else that has been scammed will do the same. THERE IS POWER IN NUMBERS!



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Biggest waste of time in my life. LONG process to set up the trip with all kinda of hidden fees and restrictions (months of back and fourth) and come to find out after only one date was available that it will cost me over $800!!!!! FREE CRUISE says Silverleaf Resorts...ALL LIARS!

Meant to say before i went. I will not go to this place. Thanks again :)
i just want to say thank you for posting this
i just received a letter that i won ND WAS ASKED TO DRIVE LIKE 4 HOURS AWAY TO CLAIM my prize glad i seen this before i go. :p
to yeah buddy Kingston, Kingston, Jamaica #581816

Crazy *** ppl tried bull shitin' me as well. Glad i saw this!

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