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Silverleaf is absolute garbage! They blew up my phone and asked me to sit through a presentation.

I had nothing to do one day and decided to see what it was. The tour took over 2 hours! When I sat down a guy started to go off on how great silver leaf resorts was. He asked for my drivers license and credit card but told me he would not run it without my permission.

He charged me anyway and I told him nicely that I was not interested. He told me the cancelation process would take 5 days. The same amount of time you have to cancel. I had an anxiety attack and left.

I thought they couldn't charge me anything because I didn't sign anything. I was wrong they forged my signature and somehow got my social security number off the internet.

The silverleaf staff are a bunch of scumbags and scam artists. **** them!!'n

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Contact your credit card bank, in writing, and dispute the charge. Send cancellation by mail to the crooks as well. No phone calls.

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