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Im tellin u now... GET UR MONEY QUICK!

if u know that u have a bad credit score, silverleaf doesnt really want u to go out! They will keep telling u that u have to pay 40$ for a wknd and that they dont have anything available that way u can REFUND!! they will keep tellin u to call back (only when they feel like setting u up...than they will tell u what they have) - the managers are ridiculously ***! They tell the agents not to say anything just to sugar coat everything!

I know what im telling u!!!! Now if u have ok/great credit your agent will contact u to see when u r tryna come out. They will convince u to come out that they can reach thier quota. Which means the agent has to set up 10 vacations a wk or else they get written up for no production.

Yup its dumb! Soo the agent calls and calls everyone outta thier pkg to set ppl up! They will tell u that if u want a wknd that u have to pay for 40$ extra but if u come out on these certain dates... they can waive ur weekend fee!


ur agent can waive everything for you! Dont let them talk u into anything!!!!

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