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***I am a former employee*** if u take my words for what they are worth then u will be ok. if not then u will end up with a lifetime of regret.

We learn a script at the beginning of traing that is designed to make you as a fumble your thoughts. We creat a 90,000 dollar problem for you by lying about what people spend on vaction. The statistics and all the stuff we say are 100% false. when you get to the price it will be 21880 for a peak season deed.

Well unfortunately thats a bullcrap prop that they use to get you to say what you can afford. you will probably be shown something like 15k-prime peak. to 7.5k.nonpeak. they come at you with the big numbers in order to think you got a good deal.

When they bring the "special deed" over it will have FREE binus time Sunday -Thursday. Just so u know "FREE" bonus time is bogus!!! They say only old deeds have it. Lolollolololol.

Every deed they sell has FREE bonus time. Thats why you can never book it. Because every single owner has it!!! If you are sitting in the lobby right now and you spent 40-100 dollars on a deposit to get a trip then do the tour and just tell them that you simply just dont want it.They will try everything to make you feel like you need it.

Trust me if u need it then it would come to you. If you spent 20 dollars then jist leave now amd it wont be a waste of money. Id pay 20 not to go on a tour with these guys. You dont want or need this.

And if u feel u do then u are probably not smart with your money. This will drag you down to the ground In club dues. They go up all the time with no warning. TRust me.

U would think im just mad. And yes thats true however its time for the consumer to know whats up. All the prices are the same and every deed has free bonus time. So u tell me if u think u will get to stay on free nights.

They just tell u its booked and they forget you. If u keep calling then u will keep getting the same answer trust me. All and all. Yes it is a scam of your time and money.

If ypu are rich then by all means go waste your time and money. If you saw value in a free trip and were skeptical then stay that way and stay away from them.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Gastonia, North Carolina, United States #1289781

It amazes me that you we actually hired with all the misspelled words and grammatical errors. If you buy a time share for an investment property then shame on you.

It is a great product for people who USE it. I've taken over 40 trips with silver leaf and have zero complaints.


Hello, I would love to talk more about this. I am being scam, and if I had seen this your message I would have not done it. They are Frauds: bakerrosela@yahoo.com look forward hearing from you


I purchased some kind of sampler deed a few months ago, which cost $1000 supposedly until I decide on a deed. I've already waste a good $300.

I didn't pay for any of the trip deposits yet, and after reading this post I'm not going to for sure.

At this point, I would like to know if there is a way out of this contract. If you have any answers or suggestions, please comment!


Unbelievable! Just as I thought it was. Thanks for the confirmation!


Ha bonus time! 13 resorts That you can use bonus time is a *** Joke.

I aint been able to stay anywhere but the villages and apple mountain, and that was only twice ever since I bought in Atlanta in march. I got a "deal". Well NOT really. Thank you for the post.

I was about to write one myself and saw this. Ha ha ha.

Seem funny how folks think one thing and get another Across the board. Hope u found a better jo!

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