Burkburnett, Texas

I feel like we held up our end of the bargain. We paid $80 for a two night stay at a hotel and a pass for 4 to a water park.

All we had to do was sit and listen to a 90 min. Sales pitch. We drove 4 hours me my husband and 2 year old grandson and 14 year old granddaughter. Our appointment was at 12:00 we did not get out of that place until almost 5:30.

They take us on a tour in a car that sits 5 people and that's being smashed in. With no car seat so my grandson road in my lap way past my better judgement but she said oh it is OK we do it all the time and we are just going down the road

She failed to mention how many roads we would be going down. We get back and she takes us to a huge room with 100 other people in there and we sat and listen.mind u we have my two year old grandson who is getting very inpatient and plus no lunch yet. So she shows him and my granddaughter the play room.

So my husband and I listen some more. Some time goes by and I go to ck on the kids my grandsons face was beat red ! They put them in a hot room with no a.c. now this is tx.

So i bring them out and listen more. We get moved to another table by this point my grandson is running around meeting everyone in the room. My husband and I are telling her we just can't afford that. *** if we could u think we would have took advantage of this 80 dollar deal.

But gosh no way was she taking no for an answer so guess what she does. Holds her hand up and a man comes over and sits down so here we go all over again. By this time I'm having hot flashes from *** trying to get my grandson to stay at the table. But he just goes on and on and on.

By the time my grandson falls asleep in my arms which are about to fall off. All the while saying no no no .I finally tell my husband I'm going to the car you deal with this. I get back and he done bought some ! Oh my good lord what part of no do they not get !!

So here we go to another stinking room to sign papers . Needless to say we didn't get to go to the water park we were too stressed and wore the heck out !

We haven't gone on vacation yet but all the reviews I'm reading are not so good. So I'm thinking we best be looking to see if we are still in that grace period where we can get out of this deal.

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San Antonio, Texas, United States #854652

Is there really a grace period to which you can cancel? I just signed yesterday and want out after hearing all this!


Yes cancel now! Get a certified letter and cancel ASAP.

You only have a couple business days to cancel and once that period is up YOU ARE STUCK..... Each state is different as to how much time you have to cancel. It's usually 3 to 5 to 10 business days. I'm serious cancel now.

If you stop payments they will ruin your credit. It's a scam. Cancel now!!! Crappy resorts, monthly payments, maintenance fees that can and will increase, booking problems, limited availability, booking rooms a year in advance- does this sound fun??


to YouNeed2Cancel #858580

My experience is great in all of the resorts, it depends on which one did you bought..

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