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Silverleaf is affiliated with RCI however they are lying when they say 219 for your stay. at the end of your presentation they will tell you about our ca and how you can go anywhere in the world for 219.

If you are sitting and waiting on your tour right now then go ahead and Google RCI and look at peoples experience and you will see that it is garbage. If you spend an average of 2000 bucks or more on vacation then u can obviously afford to not have a timeshare. A time share is something we can all agree is a waist of money in the end. Onoy because tou are obligated to it for the rrst of your life or it will ruin your credt.

Only thing is the dues go up every few years and when they do they go up around 7 bucks. They tell u its based on owners votes, and that is a lie. Its based on the number of people that own. The more they get the more they go up.

They were jist at 76.45 in February and now they are at 83.95. by 2020 you will be paying over 100 a month for something you will never get a chance to use sikply because you dont have the time. bottom line is that is more beneficial to save your money and buy a vacation out right one at a time.

Because regardless of what they say about price going up I'm here to tell you that statistics show the price doesn't go up it actually goes down because people have to get customers. So don't believe them when they say its going to cost more in 10 years because truth is it's not going to cost more sexy going to go up the economy and if the economy is bad then it will cost less or around the same.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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