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Also a former employee. Just agreeing with what the other person that said they worked for silverleaf.

It is absolutely a waste. Why do you think it takes so long to do the tour. Its 90 minutes sceduled however we train to take your mind off that. Also you were brought down by free gifts no?

Well I will tell you there isnt anything free about them. Its 99 dollars in taxes per person for the trip to vegas or Orlando . And it is 199 dollars per person for the cruise. So 200 for the first one and 400 for the second.

kind of funny how u can get people to come across the state for something "Free". Then u find out its not, and they try to force you to buy a timeshare. I cant stress enough to just stop while you are ahead. DO NOT PURCHASE A TIMESHARE WITH SILVERLEAF.

Dont purchase one anywhere. The club dues alone are designed to keep the money flowing in forever and you will have to sign a contract with it saying that you are ok with them and if they go up at random. (thats in the fine print) i promise. Most important thing you can remember is that if is was a great thing then they should be able to show it to you and ask you if you want to buy it in under 10 minutes.

Instead they try to ask you double questions and get you to stumble and then tie you to what you say during 90 minutes with eventually will turn into 4-5 hrs.. Dont even bother with the presentation if u didnt deposit 40 or more. Seriously a waste of time. Unless u are single and happen to get a date out of it.

And dont forget you have 7 days to cancle this garbage if u choose. They wont tell you that but i will. And ofcourse RCI is not really 219. The only reason they get to use that as a prop legally is that the 219 is the price, before fees and deposits.

If u need more confirmation of that id be glad to let you talk to my very first "owner" that purchased with me and see what he thinks About booking a trip for a supposed 219 and end up with a quote for 2200.00 before plane tickets. Needless to say he cussed me out over the phone and i felt a little bit bad about it. Ask all the questions and be informed seriously!!!!

Just look up silverleaf or RCI. U will get a knot in your tummy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Silverleaf Resorts Tour Booking.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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San Antonio, Texas, United States #1185461

Do the cancellation and reschedule fees apply. We made reservations, rescheduled and now after reading all these reviews I've said we cannot do the tour.

They want to charge us $100 for cancellation.

Can they do this or can we refuse payment? Can I threaten to file a complaint to the Attorney Genrals office?


I promise if u tell them you are married and your spouse isn't there then u get a free pass and get to go straight to get your gift. They have specific things that make you "not qualified".

Another would be for you to check in with a prepaid debit card instead of a credit card. Also you can simply act as if you don't understand much (your slow in there opinion at that point) and they will speed things up. If you want to reschedule you can. They tell you that you can't and that you will lose out on deposit or whatever.


you will just have to call the corporate office and do it. Don't let them strong-arm you into this bullcrap.

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