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Update by user Mar 14, 2015

This issue has been resolved. Silverleaf was very accommodating to me.

Huge misunderstanding and I appreciated their accommodations. All it took was a few phone calls. The key was to stay calm and respect Silverleaf as a business when talking to them on the phone and explaining your situation. If you ever feel like you were taken advantage of, just be nice and call them.

A lot of people there are pretty nice and understanding. I would delete my bad review if I could.

Original review posted by user Feb 24, 2015

Silverleaf scumbags! Don't even get me started.

Silverleaf resorts is absolute garbage. They are liars, and scam artists. They will **** you over any way they can. I went through the tour that was supposed to be 1 hour.

It turned into 3.

They ran my credit card without permission and then told me I couldn't cancel for 5 more days. The exact amount of time you have to cancel.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Who did you speak to? Provide more details please.


i was promised that if i bought from them and had to sell because my financial situation changed they would gladly help me do that...

guess who is in the middle of a fight with them trying to just get out of it...

not to mention all the other promises we were sold... or should i say shoved down our throats.

Houston, Texas, United States #995389

***... I was told I couldn't cancel at all.

My main complaint are the locations.

They advertise all of these awesome locations, when the location are really remotely located to any major cities. That's what I get for just wanting to go home after being abducted into purchasing a timeshare I guess.

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