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They manipulated our physical and mental state of mind by making us wait for well over 6 hours with no meals and two small children. Once we were mentally exhausted and physically drained, they used it to their advantage to present us with a contract to sign.

We were also told the timeshare was going to be owner ship, like real estate.

We were told it would be a great investment and since it had equity built in, it would help our credit, when it came time for us to buy a house. They also made themselves unavailable during the 6 days to cancel.

Monetary Loss: $15000.

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First let me say that I'm sorry that you FEEL that you were ripped off. I have never been to a sliver leaf presentation.

To address your comment about credit. I'm not sure how much credit you have or the knowledge/lack of knowledge about credit. Equity has ALMOST nothing to do with credit. The only time it will under any circumstance is when it comes to the payoff amount versus the original loan amount.

What has everything to do with credit is the amount of time a loan or credit line has been open AND the number of on-time payments as well as if there are any late payments and the severity of that is based on if it's reached 30/60/90/180 days late. The second address to make would be the presentation itself, timeshare is approximately 90 minutes if the fine print is read. Anything more than that you can simply refuse to continue since you have filled your contractual obligation to receive whatever the "gifts" where that were promised you. The key word is gifts because if they use that term then really you do not need to attend at all because a gift is something that does not require anything in return.

As far as the cancellation comment, as long as it is post marked by the end of business of the last day of recession then you are ok. Obviously you are well past that now, simply pay a lawyer $200 to write a letter to the contracts department of the resort stating all of the "lies" that were told to you and resorts do not usually have a problem cancelling when a lawyer is in the situation. As far as your responsibility, I hope you didn't think you would be let off easy with this. This will show proof that you should read absolutely every word before signing anything.

You should read every word on a restaraunt receipt as well as a contract. You should also know your limits a lot better. As far as the meals, you should have enough control especially as a parent that nothing comes in between you and the care of the child(ren) and if you feel the need to give away thousands of dollars, sign contracts without reading them, attend an orientation after that fact, not know the correct ways to cancel the contract even though by law for timeshare companies it has to be listed how to cancel, AND to buy a timeshare before you buy a house then not only do you need help in raising kids, you also need to take a class on finances and how it can and will affect every aspect of your life. This country is rediculous when everyone wants to blame everyone else for what they do wrong.

You have to accept a lot of the responsibility yourself. If you're going to do a presentation for anything to receive anything in return, it's either timeshare or directbuy. Either way it's a major purchase if you decide to buy into it and any presentation would require checking out the company online before the presentation even happens. Timeshare in general is not a bad thing.

Some people in the world need it and some don't. It's your responsibility however to make a wise choice regarding your families finances. Do you have a 529 plan for the kid(s) college yet? That should be done before any major purchase other than a house or car.

A 529 plan is their college fund that earns interest in very low risk investments.

Good luck with everything else you do and hopefully things turn out for the better for you. At least it wasn't a 50 or $100,000 mistake.


Were they holding you prisoner or could you leave?


You mean they fed you lunch and made you wait 6 hours until dinner! The atrocities of this world!


To those who are interested in joining a class A Lawsuit against silver leaf resorts I am looking for others to stand up with me and my boyfriend against them. If interested contact we are looking forward to joining with you to help right this wrong. 


Sending an email now


They held you hostage? With no meals?

And strapped a pen in your hand by gunpoint?

Bwahahaha. Give me a break.


Take them to small claims court in TX. The filing fee is low and maximum damages are $10,000 last time I checked.

Make them explain/perjure themselves in front of a judge. Name every single person you met as a witness and supboena them to appear. If they are weasels they will weasel their way out but atleast you had your day in court. Karma will get them.

It's actually getting them right now and they don't even know it. Like if they're driving a vehicle that they got by manipulating people it has a higher likelihood than other vehicles to blow a tire and go off the road or have a deer run out in front of it, damaging their ill-gotten vehicle.


Any time you are sitting down to talk business look around the table and figure out who is the sucker. If you can't spot the sucker then it's you.

The most common characteristic of people who buy into these scams is they want a whole lot for very little/nothing(greed) or they think they are smarter than everyone else.

People like that never stand a chance. While they're getting hustled with the next reformulated *** sales pitch they are hustling themselves by stroking their own egos. Then when they find out that they are actually the dummies in the transaction they become victims.

For a little insurance, if someone needs all of your personal info, id's, ssn, etc. ask for theirs first and match them to their vehicle and take a photo of their plates.

They won't allow any of that. All you're supposed to have about them is a business card, sucker.


YEP YEP YEP!!! Same here I fell ya did the same BS to me!!!

And look " Anonymous" is back with "she must be a liar" comments on how he is a proud owner and life is great with silverleaf. Dude U are a silverleaf plant that much is obvious at this point U post the same thing under almost all the comments get a clue.


This is such a huge misrepresentation of the company. I have been an owner for years and have thoroughly enjoyed all the amenities and activities that they have to offer.

I am sure that they did not tie you down to a chair or handcuff you. You have your rights and could have left at any point, but YOU OBVIOUSLY MADE THE CHOICE to stay! And you have a blue account? Well, of course you're not going to be able to use the way you want to use because that only covers your winter!

You need a red or something with more flexibility. You pay for what you get!!! Did you not understand when they went over your paperwork? How can you even buy something without knowing that?

I feel that this woman doesn't represent a clear opinion since she WILLINGLY can sign a legal binding contract without knowing these things. Give me a break and stop playing victim just because Silverleaf is a big company and you think you can take advantage of them.


You are so full of *** you're going to explode. Clearly the majority of the reviews are extremely negative towards this company.

I'm guessing you're getting paid to post these reviews or you work at Silverleaf. If you had a single brain cell in your head it would be extremely easy to see how Silverleaf is a huge scam and you're getting taken advantage of.


think you so much for your video I was planning to go and listen to silverlakes speel but after watching your talk I called and Cancelled Thanks again for your honesty I am so sorry this happened to you. You are a good person to help others.

scams come in all sizes. thanks again, Lila


How did they make you wait? All those timeshare offers are scams.

When they pressure you to stay, give them the finger, leave, and that's that. It worked for me.


Yes! Anyone who sits there there and listens to that BS and then signs on the dotted line is a *** and deserves to get taken.


I don't know about 'deserves'. But I hate it when people cry 'victim' when all they had to do was get up and walk out.


Did you bother to read the contract? Or did you just trust what the sales people said? When my kid is hungry and tired NOBODY is going to "make" me wait.


They can not hold your children to pay any fees ever unless they are over 18 and signed a contract themselves.


What r u talking about? Can u read?