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Stay away!!! Silverleaf timeshares is definitely not what it seems when they take you in these tours!!!

First off I went as so many others do because I won a 'prize'. My fiancé and I took the tour, we both had the day off so we're like what the heck lets just see what it's all about. We do someday want to purchase a timeshare. Talk about high pitch selling, these salespeople promise you these amazing opportunities with RCI.

Saying how easy it is to swap for a trip anywhere basically in the world for an up charge of $219. Being a little naive when it comes to timeshares we purchased one. Well when I got home that night I did a lot of research and I am glad I did!!! Silverleaf is a scam!!

It is basically impossible from what I heard to swap with RCI because your timeshare basically has no worth! We will Someday get a timeshare from probably the Marriott vacation club or from an much more reputable company then Silverleaf. We cancelled the timeshare the next day by sends a letter to the corporate offices. Mass law says you have 3 days to cancel and I am so thankful we go out of this.

Unless you want to vacation in a *** hotel in the middle of no where, do not listen to these *** they will try to make it seem like it's the best deal on the planet. They are liars!!!!!

They also called my phone like 10 times within 2 hours to confirm my appointment, That should have been a tip off that this wasn't right! Just do your research I am glad I did!

Product or Service Mentioned: Silverleaf Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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What you really need to know is that these people will do anything, and I mean anything for a sale. I am an ex employee that has a heart and after a couple years I had to leave.

I could not force the elderly, the mentally disabled and those that could not afford it to throw their money away. These people are the worst type of salesman on the planet. At Oak &Spruce there is a large drug problem so much so that they call it coke & spruce and have employees falling asleep at tables. They have some sales managers that encourage and will teach their subordinates to lie.

One of the "directors" who later was demoted even started a relationship with a subordinate while he wore a wedding ring and told tours that he was married and was an attorney.

He also used the attorney line on many elderly individuals when he was not an attorney. Its a sad place where I would never suggest anyone to tour nor stay.


I worked there for 3 years and know that is Brett Leonas you are talking about. He is the biggest scam artist and will do anything for a sale. Reading these reviews makes me feel better about my decision to leave.


Take some time and get on and learn about timeshares. You can learn for free!

You can also buy timeshares for less than 10% of the retail price on Tug, Ebay, and redweek. Do some homework and never pay the developer price.