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What is wrong with the billing dept. We have been owners since 80's and never had a problem started in November.

Evertime I talk to as omd one they say it is straighten out then get another bill that says something different. We have never been late are not paid a bill. Even drove to dallas to pay when we didnt get a bill. No one knows if due on 15 or 1.

Everytime I call I can plan a all day phone call. Getting discounected or transfering me and getting disconected. Every person we talk to says oh yes I see its fixed didnt see it. Or we get different answers they all are trying hard to figure out what Orange lake wants.

I thought I was going to be proud that a company like Orange lake bought out zsilver leaf. Was I wrong. Company needs to learn to train the employees. Before putting them to work.

And all of you need to be on same page. I sent in a payment with what my payments was with increase new paymens now for several months. Sent it to Florida payment address. Sent it priorty know they got it.

Wrote out the new # the old# the week owned the the payment sent in on each property and also wrote each on check. Then we just today got a statement with a balance. When I spoke before I sent in there was no balance in which I know because we our bills on time every month when due. Please get it straight I know im not the only one going thru this.

And on top of this we got called on a update meeting was nothing on update i said when are we going to talk about update. I was sucked in again you would think I would learn by now a sales pitch.why its not good owning what we have.if its not good why would any smart company buy them out. I can tell you at one time we have never had to call the company or never had a complaint. Come on we are the easy fix do your bookkeeping.

Im not a complainer I lived in the time your word meant something. I dont want to be put on the list of the complainers but maybe I need to join the ones are getting theirs straightened outm you tell

Product or Service Mentioned: Silverleaf Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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