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I had a great experience with them up until I had to cancel. So I viewed the property the Oak N Spruce in Lee mass because I have 2 kids and a wife and was interested in investing in a time share.

I read a ton of reviews and should have listened. When I went I couldn't do what they wanted for price and was put on a the vc program which holds the price and incentives for 18 months. Well when I got home and went over our future goals and budget realized it would be interfering with buying a house so we backed out which the contract states you can within 6 days. It says by writing.

So I called the man Travis I dealt with the day before and told him I would need to cancel and I had given them a $100 dollar deposit and was told by Travis himself that he would cut a refund check immediately and send it out and I was all set. So I specifically asked him what about the in writing part and he said we haven't even mailed your forms to corporate yet so I can just cancel it nowadays issue the refund. So 3 months later I get a bill in the mail for 90.00 and saying if not paid they are going to take further action towards my credit!! I called the corporate number was transferred 3 times and get a rude chick telling me I am going to have to pay because the contract clearly in bold states that I have to notify them in writing and I explained what Travis told me and how it wasn't even sent out yet and blah blah blah and she cuts me off and says listen lets just forget about the past what I can do for you is send you cancellation paperwork and I have to send it back to Texas within 3 weeks and then they will cancel my account and I will not owe the 90$ ...

And that they do not issue any refunds since its past the 6 days and I didn't notify in writing ...... If I were you I would stay away from silver leaf resorts they really only care about the money not the owner ..... And when I said to her well maybe he didn't cancel so he would still make his commission who knows but this is not right .. Her reply.."maybe but you should have followed the contract not Travis" ...

Well hello he works for your company!!! Such scam artists so there goes 100$ for nothing !!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Silverleaf Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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thanks did not know i had six days to cancel


Regarding timeshare salesmen - if their lips are moving...... Myself, if I were in your situation, I would go right back to the location and ask to see Travis personally. He is immoral, and deserves to be called out.

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