They tried to scam me too... I already canceled my appt.

to see their resort, after looking @ the *copy* of my ticket & realizing that it wasn't my print OR signature. DO NOT FALL FOR THEM... there is no grand prize or minimum prize. I dont even know how they got my info , it must have been from another entry..

we were @ an RV show & now im wondering if you sign up for one thing & really you're signing up for them all because the same give-away company is doing every one of them... but i didnt sign this ticket , therefore i knew it was a scam

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you an *** johnathan, i went out there and was treated great. I got $500 on my scratch card thing, and a $40 gas card, AND a i got a trip to vegas that is already booked for november.

I have no problems with silver leaf.

they were a bit pushy with there sales pitch but no worse than a car salesman. When i said no they let me get my prizes.


Do any of you people read. How can someone possible scam you without your permission whatever someone is trying to sell you silverleaf, radio shack, whomever the consumer must agree.

The reps work in sales which means they are no different than the average sale person.

You have to be very silly to sign a contract and not read to see if everything that you were promised is included. And by the way I don't work for silverleaf, sounds like all of you complainers either need to admit that you purchased something without a clear understanding of it and many of you more than likely could not afford it.


My Question is why isn't the Laws and Govt. Doing Something To Stop this *** from happining ???

Legally After So many compliants to the BBB and the attorney Generals office they can shut this Pieces Of Garbage Down!!! This is to those poor souls whom invested in this Low life *** ...

The only ones to gain from any of this BULL-Sh*TT is the sorry Heartless Low Down Low Life *** and sorry excuse of human life that (owns SilverLeaf) ..Just think they are taking yalls hard earned money and sitting in their multi Millon dollar Mansions Laughin at "YOU".... Think about that before the next time someone offers you a "so called" Free trip or free Gifts.


Sorry about the misspelled words I am typing in the dark due to Bad winds that knocked our power out..


What people don\'t realize is that you can easily just take a trip on your own free will at any resort of your choice for less then what you would pay for those time share and would have better guests services at the resort destinations .. so you need to ask your self why in the world would i pay out thousands of dollars and get sh**T when you dont have to.. Think People think..!!


I am in the Hotel industry for 13 years now and my main concern is what these a** holes are doing to the industry its self .. and The Resorts like "Great Wolf Lodge" are going to bring down their good name along with them if they stay in contracts with Silverleaf or any of its other companies..

Whom ever the Sales Director that made the contracts to have this promotion *** to help sales needs to be shot ..

It must have been some young *** that didnt even have hotel experience to know well enough to do your homework on companies like silverleaf before you combine your company ( Hotel or Resort) with Bad Company or negitive public eye.. What Dumn A**ses ( I would Love to meet that person whom did that one ..


I wonder how much extra they are paying their *** employees to get on the sites and post good reviews about Silverleaf to cover some of the bad.. its funny really..

All i can is they target dumn illiterate , wealthy dumn *** to swindell and steal money from .. lol..ahaha ! not going to get mine .. cause im not that *** ..

ps.. i pissed off a couple of their employees a couple of weeks ago that had a booth set up in the Grapevine mills mall and everytime some dumn person sighned up with them i followed the poor jokes and told them what kind of scam this *** is and they went back and got their money back... ahahaha! Silverleaf F***Kers !!

one of the little young over paid undertrains nymphos told me that i costs her persoanaly like $550 dollars in commision that day ..and i couldnt help myself but to walk out of their with my head held hi and a smile on my face .. screw them like they screw others ...!!


what are you talking about? a ticket?

we were sent a card in the mail, were called to verify our appt, and were treated very professionally.

we opted not to purchase and were still given a trip to an island of our choice and a $ 40 gift card for gas. thanks silverleaf

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