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I see I'm not alone when I say that I got suckered big time by these guys. Believe me, I take full responsibility for my lousy decision to buy this *** time-share. I'm posting here to help save others from making the same mistake.

Even if you think (like I did) that you are a savvy consumer who won't be suckered into buying one of these things... beware! Their sales reps are aggressive and relentless. And once you are in they continue to hound you about buying more weeks or "upgrading" your membership. I once spent literally eight hours in their offices for an "update meeting" during which I was talked to by three different people until they finally gave up and let me get my 150 dollars cash (which is how they get you in there).

I was promised a presidential suite when I upgraded and I found out that my deed is actually a "presidential access" deed which mean I'm not guaranteed a presidential suite at all and I was paying presidential prices.

On top of that, I lost my second job and could no longer afford the over five hundred dollar a month payment. I contacted the company to try and refinance so I could lower the payment. First they asked me to send them all this personal financial information including three previous bank statements, a list of all my monthly expenses, and they pulled my credit report twice. Then I find out (according to them) that I don't qualify for 'assistance'.

I told them that I would have no option except to stop paying them because I could not afford it. They then proceeded to make all sorts of threats including reporting me to the IRS (for what, I don't know). They attempted to intimidate me into paying. I refused and have not given them a dime in over six months. So far, they have not reported me to the credit agencies and the loan has disappeared off my credit report (I have no idea what that means).

I would have gladly continued to pay them (even though I did not use their services) simply out of a desire not to wreck my credit but they were totally unwilling to work with me. Even home mortgage providers are willing to work with you these days but these guys won't budge an inch. They will not get any more of my money.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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Redmond, Washington, United States #907356

Does anyone monitor this post? Has anyone walked away from Silverleaf and can tell me their experience?

to Jenny Redondo Beach, California, United States #907407

My wife and I have essentially walked away from Silverleaf. For Tue past year or so we have no made any payments at all and for a couple years s before that I logged onto the website so that I could control how much they got out of us; which never included late fees and some times didn't include the heir ever increasing maintenance fees.

Every now and then they try to call me or my wife but it's usually an "unknown" number or something from another state that we don't recognize.

So far I haven't gotten any type of foreclosure paperwork and nothing has appeared on my credit report(not that Silverleaf ever did). I don't plan on ever contacting them and aside from the occasional call I don't expect them to ever contact me.

If yo decide to walk away I would suggest changing all the information they have on file. Change the mailing address, phone number, and delete any bank or payment information they have; even if that means changing banks and getting a new phone number.

For the address get a po box for a month, if anything comes to your house mark it "return to sender".

That should throw them off a bit.

Hope it works out for you. Silverleaf is a bunch of *** artists and deserve to have everyone they scammed walk away.

to Jenny #1241730


About 6mo ago my wife and I got served papers conscerning the foreclosure of our timeshare (after about 2yrs of not paying a dime). About 2mo ago we got a notice that the file had been closed; so far NOTHING has shown up on my credit report about a foreclosure or Silverleaf in general. If you still have your timeshare but nothing has ever shown up on your credit report STOP PAYING NOW!!!!!!


Hopefully you still monitor this post but,

How did that work out for you? Did they ever put it on your report?

My loan doesn't even show on my credit report; never has although the 4 inquiries they did sure posted. I'm getting sick of their ***, every couple of months my autopay stops working and I miss a payment and just this past month I had to pay Oct maintenance fee which for some reason wasn't part of the bill and NOW they want to charge it.



Timeshare Advocacy International is the leader in timeshare contract resolutions!

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“We are excited to finally have this decision behind us so we can now focus on one thing, and that is our clients. During the last 2 years they have been trying to do one thing and that is to shut us up and bankrupt us through the court system. We always felt that at the end of the day a jury would see that TAI is in the business to help people. If the timeshare industry would stop lying and sell their product honestly we would be out of business,” said Sean Austin.

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MSgt in Texas,

I would like to know how you don't pay maintenance fees. I own a presidential paid nwearly 20K and they state that they foreclosed on it due to maintenence fees. I also live in texas.


foreclosure on a timeshare will wreck havoc on your credit. It can drop it up to 300 points.

the only reason that they haven't reported it is probably because they won't report until your timeshare goes into foreclosure.

out of all the timeshare companies silverleaf is by far the best... they will work with you if you are truly having financial trouble, but losing a little extra income probably doesnt qualify.


My wife and I went to Silverleaf on Tuesday, 18 May 2010, for an Owner's Update meeting (standard 1 1/2 hour (right!)). The draw?? $150 (one hundred fifty dollars) CASH!!

Dana was our 'initial' contact (tag-team member). She said that we HAD to tour the property, so we spent about a half-hour riding around and ooohing-aaaahing. Then we went into her office. She put us at ease by asking questions...when we said that we could NOT afford to buy, she said that she was required to 'explain' some stuff to us. So we allowed her to continue.

She said that ‘DIAMOND’ owners represented 10% of all Silverleaf owners while the other categories (Presidential, Lodge, Condo, and Cabin) represented 90%. Then she asked us WHO (which category) would get first response back from Customer Service. We said, “Diamond?” and she replied, “Yes. That’s why it is SO IMPORTANT to be a DIAMOND owner.”

She also went through ‘PLUS’ program….blah, blah, blah. We kept trying to tell her that we couldn’t afford it…the ONLY way we could get an extra week is IF Silverleaf would give us the property AND zero maintenance. And more blah, blah, blah. We explained that we had a Presidential with ZERO maintenance fees and would NOT buy any property with any type of maintenance fee.

She finally came to her LAST couple of points. If we wanted to get a RED-week Lodge, Silverleaf could let us have one for $36K (thirty-six THOUSAND dollars!!!)…50% down ($18K) and $500/$600 per month (PLUS maintenance fee of $69).

But, if we wanted a RED Presidential, we could buy one for $68K (sixty-eight THOUSAND dollars), with 50% down payment ($34K) and monthly payments of $1000/$1100 per month (PLUS maintenance fee of $89 per month).

NOTE: Monthly payments are given as rough approximations, only.

We told her again, NO, we can’t afford it. So she said that she would get her boss and have him ‘talk’ with us.

After about 15 or 20 minutes (it seemed longer), Mr. Dave Cortez, Member Services Sales Manager, came in. He basically restated all the stuff Dana had told us, albeit somewhat more concise. We again said, “We can’t afford to buy. The ONLY way was if Silverleaf gave us a property for FREE to include ZERO maintenance.” He sort of scoffed at the idea, and said (more or less) that Silverleaf doesn’t give out ZERO maintenance. Then we told him that we had ZERO maintenance. He looked disbelievingly at us and then turned to the computer. I’m guessing that he pulled up our account ‘cause he then looked at the computer disbelievingly. He asked us how we managed to get ZERO maintenance. We told him that a Member Services person at Holly Lake was so intent (desperate?) on upgrading us from a cabin at Lake O’ The Woods that she offered us ZERO maintenance fees AND ZERO percentage rate on the loan if we upgraded to a condo at Holly Lake (which we really couldn’t refuse). AND, that we had insisted on and kept ZERO maintenance fees ever since. Finally, he said that he wanted to check the computer to see if there was any way he could find us property so that we could become DIAMOND.

Another 15 minutes or so passed. He returned, saying that he thought that he found something that might interest us. He opened with a RED Lodge for $9999 ($5,000 down payment and $300/$400 per month…with maintenance fee). We again stated that we couldn’t afford it.

Then he came out with the piece de resistance (or so he thought). He said that Silverleaf had a property (BLUE Cabin) that had been returned to inventory because the owners had passed away and the non-payment of maintenance fees caused the property to come back to Silverleaf (or something similar). He said the property was priced at $8000 ($4000 down payment, $XXX monthly payment, with $46.50 maintenance fees). However, he said, if we would buy the DIAMOND Plus Program for $5995, he would throw in the property. AND, he brought out a magazine for ??? (Camp Out America or Go Camping America or ???), a camping program where you can rent sites for $4 to $8 a night. He said that if we would pay the $89 to transfer the ‘program’ ownership from the dead couple to us, that he would also throw in the membership (unfortunately, I can’t remember specifically which camping program/magazine was proffered, but I remember the $4 to $8 per night for sites).

OK, we again told Mr. Lopez that we couldn’t afford to buy any additional property. We were in the process of liquidating our assets (selling our house and getting rid of our stuff), buy a pop-up camper, and becoming road gypsies. He said that the DIAMOND ownership was imperative for us to guarantee that we could really enjoy using Silverleaf’s RV sites (not all resorts) and combining it with our Endless Escape. Again, we said, No. He then gave us his business card, wrote Dana’s name, and told us that when we had sold our house, we should give him a call and see what was available at that time.

They finally let us go. Our “90-minute” owner’s update meeting had turned into a 2 ½ hour meeting. We went to the front desk, retrieved our voucher, and then went to the Registration Desk (check-in) and exchanged our voucher for $150.

So, there it is, folks. YOU must remember that these sales people are NOT your best friend and they do NOT have your best interests in mind. The ONLY way they get paid is by COMMISSION; the only way for them to get COMMISSION is to SELL property—at any cost (NOTE: You will pay the cost, so they really don’t care as long as you BUY!). Remember that YOU are in the driver’s seat and YOU control their pay. As long as you say, NO, they do NOT get paid. NO matter how many times they ‘push’ you to buy, NO matter how many ‘deals’ they tell you---JUST SAY NO!

Just peservere through the 90-minute (or 2-hour or 3-hour) presentation (a ‘dog and pony’ show) and then walk away with the money. Just make sure you’re not ‘tricked’ into buying!!!


If you're on the FB networking website, inquire on "Silverleaf Resorts."

There are numerous complaints on this website and others about Silverleaf Resorts. MOST comments are not fact, outright BAD.

There are some from folks who seem OK with the Silverleaf Resort system...I'm one of them.

Of course, I do not pay any MAINTENANCE FEES (approximately $70 per month whether you use your deeded week or not). That's right...ZERO maintenance fees.

FYI...$70 per month equals $840 per year...if you keep your deeded week for 20 years, that's $16,800 (for 20 years). AND, it doesn't matter if you use your deeded week(s) or still pay (in addition to the price you pay for the deeded week).

ALSO, our four adult (and married) children are listed with my wife and I on our deed. That means that they can also make reservations with Customer Service and check in by themselves...believe me, this is a very important issue.

Check everything you can find on the Internet about Silverleaf Resorts...the sales people at the resort are NOT your best friend...they only get money from commissions on sales...if you don't buy, they don't get paid. They are NOT looking out for your best interest...they want to get paid.

AND one final thought---these sales people are PROFESSIONALS and some (maybe not all) would sell out their mothers and their family members JUST SO THEY MAKE A SALE!!!

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