I hated how they lie to you about your services and the places you can go. All they do is steal your money for one dirty week out of the year.

You continue to pay maintenance fees of $76 for a squeeky bed, tile that comes off the floor and rusty faucets. Silverleaf should be sued every year and shut down until everyone has gotten their money! I feel sorry for everyone that gets into this agreement, they do not tell you any truth during your long consultations!

This just makes me want to scream and cry! Just take trips that you want to take, instead of staying at the same place every year

Monetary Loss: $15000.

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Mansfield, Texas, United States #614106

I tried using the program they sold me... this is the first time I wanted to use any bonus time and Silverleaf has blacked out the entire state of Texas!

I followed the instructions of my SALES team to a "T". I called at 8am 14 days in advance. I am being told there is not one room open in the state of Texas! There are no openings after the Thursday prior to Spring Break!

I have been watching their website as instructed and basically the state of Texas resorts, all went off the map of any openings on the week of Spring Break! They have thousands of rooms in Texas and I refuse to believe every owner has their owned week booked, as I was told over the phone this morning. I know lots of families would, but there are plenty that would not have kids and the need for the week of Spring Break. Yet another LIE by Silverleaf.

I will be consulting an attorney and if I can't get anywhere from there I will just take the foreclosure. I will not pay them the thousands I signed on, and never get to use anything they SOLD me! I will not pay thousands for one week every other year. So far RCI promised is nothing I could trade for anything in the RCI world, and no go on the promise of Bonus Time if booked early.

I specifically asked the Sales team about Spring Break. I was assured if called in early 8am /14 days prior I could attain a room.

Tyler, Texas, United States #593913

Your are just another dummy that does not know how to use the program.

to slicklizzard Austin, Texas, United States #594085

First of all slick lizard, if you're such a silverleaf guru, why don't you inform us how this is worth it and what special techniques you supposedly use to get your money's worth. Otherwise quit insulting these people that already feel jaded by this company.

I agree, we were all *** enough to sign on the dotted line, but at the end of the day, this company does not like you to express any problems even if your problems were directly caused by them. They are a typical rip off company that puts all of its expertise in to selling and not into customer service. They don't care about you as an existing customer unless you want to spend more money. They only care about saying anything it takes to get you to sign on the dotted line.

(you sign for what they say, but in court you "signed for what was written") Why do you think they don't put the amount owed on your credit, but will gladly put a foreclosure on your credit if you don't pay like they expect you to. They know what they are doing, just like banks with interest fees. Do now, think later mentalities are what make the rich richer, not their greed. I would like to see consumers start to take Silverleaf on by the hundreds.

The only way they will ever be truly impacted, is if customers who want out of this decide to sell to buying customers or show buying customers what they really get on the other side of that door. One person going in by themselves to get everyones attention is just going to get that one person thrown out as though they didn't get what they wanted and every company gets one of those.


I agree with you jcash7 but we are a legitimate company we have had only six complaints in the past three years and refunded all clients back. BBB Accredited Business since 02/14/2011- Timeshare Advocacy International, LLC - BBB® Accredited A Rating Additional Information - BBB file opened: 02/12/2009 Business started: 01/15/2009 - Contact Information Principal: Mr. Sean Austin (COO & President)- Business Category - Timeshare Contract Advocates Our company offers assistance to timeshare owners in canceling timeshare contracts for those who may have been coerced or mislead into purchasing a timeshare. - Refund and Exchange Policy if we cannot cancel your timeshare contract we will refund all fees paid to TAI. Kevin Hanson Texas Regional Sales Director & Licensed Texas Realtor Since 1996. Timeshare Advocacy International, LLC

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