My parents got into a timeshare agreement with oak n spruce before silverleaf took it over.I can remember when we looked forward to going to Lee massachusetts for our week.My parents kept the timeshare in the family and I didn't understand how much they really did harrass my mother before she passed!Now that I have to deal with their harrassing phone calls day after day,Come for a meeting so we can update you.When you get there your harrassed to get a bigger unit!The only thing they want to update is a bigger payment for you,and no means NO!And still the calls don't stop!!

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Timeshare Advocacy International is the leader in timeshare contract resolutions!

If you have been a victim of deceptive sales practices during your purchase or upgrade of your timeshare we have the solution. We are the only advocacy group in the U.S. that focuses on deceptive sales practices within the timeshare industry that is accredited with the BBB .

Additionally, we are the only company to win in court against the biggest timeshare company in the U.S.

Timeshare Advocacy International Wins Lawsuit against World’s Largest Resort.

In November of 2010 TAI was sued by the largest timeshare developer in the world for assisting timeshare owners out of their contracts with their resort. The charges ranged from violating the Tennessee Uniformed Secrets Act, Tennessee Consumer Rights Act, unauthorized practice of law, intentional interference with business relationships, civil conspiracy, breach of contract, unfair competition, procurement of breach of contract, and unjust enrichment. On July 19, 2012 it took a jury less than 45 minutes to deliberate and return a verdict of “Not Guilty” on all charges.

“We are excited to finally have this decision behind us so we can now focus on one thing, and that is our clients. During the last 2 years they have been trying to do one thing and that is to shut us up and bankrupt us through the court system. We always felt that at the end of the day a jury would see that TAI is in the business to help people. If the timeshare industry would stop lying and sell their product honestly we would be out of business,” said Sean Austin.

“The jury’s verdict represents a victory for free speech and free enterprise, and against corporate bullying,” said Austin’s attorney, Greg Oakley of DHPM PC in a press release.

Timeshare Advocacy International is headquartered in Mount Juliet, TN and currently has a staff of 19 that do nothing but consult, coach, and mentor timeshare owners who have been deceived during their purchase or upgrade of their timeshares. “We specialize in helping timeshare owners not only get out of their timeshare contracts if they were lied to, but we also help them understand what happened and how they were scammed so this hopefully will not happen again!

If you feel like you have been the victim of timeshare fraud or misrepresentation call today for a free consultation!


Licensed Texas Realtor Since 1996

Kevin Hanson (Timeshare Advocate)

Regional Sales Director

Timeshare Advocacy International

855.702.6636 or 713.554.3334 Ext.805


I am looking for a Silverleaf Presidential timeshare with Endless Escapes. (not bonus time)

Email me at workin4hm@aol.com




I recently worked for Silverleaf doing this exact job! I actually had the managers tell me that I was "way too nice to the owners" and that I "needed to TELL them they were coming to this meeting!" While on the phone, managers listen in and if you aren't able to get the owners to agree to come out, they start yelling at you telling you what to say.

We weren't allowed to let the owners off the phone, we had to talk until they hung up. Also, they have such a high turn over rate.. so many people get access to the owners address, home, cell and work numbers and to all the numbers of friends and family they list. These crooks don't care if you're old, crippled, sick, dying from cancer, on chemo, they just want your money!

The timeshare is useless unless you buy the most expensive package and vacation a lot. Also plan on making payments your entire life! Even after you pay the deed off, you'll be paying monthly fees. When you die, it gets passed to your kids who get stuck with the lifetime debt unless they're lucky enough to find some other sucker to buy it.

Also, if you plan on working for them, make sure you're able to throw all morals out the door. They encourage you to lie, mislead, do anything you can to get these people out to the resort so they can suck them dry!

If you want them to stop calling you, DEMAND to speak to the manager! Tell them to take ALL of your numbers off their list, and do not hang up until they're all off!

By law, they're only allowed to call twice a day and leave two messages a week! Hope this was able to help someone!


YOU KNOW "These corps are simply out to make more money by get those of us who will buy to buy more" -- I have two times with OTHER greeding DEV -- I don't have one with SILVERLEAF -- but I have been checking them. I've called corp Hq -- WAY MORE HELPFUL THAN ANY OF MY TIMESHARE OFFICES, OR VACATION PLANS EITHER.

Maybe this is a little "grass greener on other side" -- but I CAN tell you -- there are far worse out there! AND, it seems the resorts themselves are pretty nice too.


My email is lex.diamond73@yahoo.com

Wanting to buy endless escapes.

I'm looking to buy silverleaf holiday hills deed. I want 2 or 3 but they all have to have endless escapes... If you have one for sale please contact me at lex.diamond@yahoo.com

I'm not looking to pay retail and maintenance must be under 1,000
I also will not pay over 1,000 so please do not contact me if they coat more..

CAVEAT EMPTOR (Buyer Beware)

First off, I am NOT now nor ever was a Silverleaf employee. We're just 'owners' of a red Presidential with Endless Escape and ZERO ($0000) MAINTENANCE fees.

Here's our Silverleaf story. My wife and I started with a 1 BR/1BA loft at Lake o' The Woods in 1997. We bought a BLUE week 52 (Christmas - New Years) with Endless Escape. Within a year, our BLUE week had changed to RED at no extra cost to us.

A year or so later, we had been 'visiting' Holly Lake Resort. At one of those 'visits' that they want owners to make with Owner Services, a salesperson offered to upgrade us to a 2 BR/2 BA condo at Holly Lake. After 'dickering' back and forth for about an hour, she helped us decide by offering us ZERO maintenance fees and ZERO percent on the loan.

Several years later, we were 'invited' to Outback Steakhouse to hear a Silverleaf presentation. We went for the FREE MEAL. The salesmen were trying to convince owners to buy more...at Branson, Missouri. We had used our Endless Escape and visited Ozark Mountain Resort. So we considered upgrading to Branson. When the salesmen made their pitch, we told them that unless they could match what we had (Endless Escape, ZERO maintenance, ZERO percent on the loan), we couldn't afford to upgrade. They tried with just Endless Escape. We said NO. They came back with Endless Escape and ZERO maintenance. We again said NO. After about an hour (after the meal), they came back and said YES to all our three conditions. So we felt that we HAD to buy (which we really didn't, but we decided to go ahead). So we had a red-week LODGE (2BR/2BA) at Holiday Hills Resort in Branson, Missouri.

In 2007 and 2008, we kept getting calls for a 'free' stay with $50 cash. We initially kept turning them down. But when they offered us $100 cash, we broke down. We allowed them to give us their spiel, told them that we had filed for bankruptcy and couldn't afford to buy. So we got our cash and enjoyed the rest of the weekend.

We continued to get the calls for an 'UPDATE' for owners. We went to a FREE meal at Joe's Crab Shack and another at Outback Steakhouse. We still didn't buy. We made a day trip out to The Villages for $100 (one hundred dollars) cash. It paid for our meals and gas.

We continued to get the calls. In Jan 2009, we accepted a day-trip to Holly Lake for an owner update and $150 (one hundred fifty dollars). There we were talked into buying a Presidential at Seaside Resort in Galveston. We did the paperwork and spoke with Allison Mowry with our paperwork problem...our four adult children were also on the lease, and she was going to have to get the paperwork to them to sign and notarized. She agreed.

Unfortunately, Allison had problems with our daughter in Germany (APO address) and we eventually got a letter from Silverleaf saying that they hadn't received all the necessary paperwork, so they were cancelling the deal.

We went back to Holly Lake and re-started paperwork...again the same problem existed with APO addresses.

My wife and visiting daughter went down to Corporate Offices in Dallas and spoke with a woman named Sybil...she REALLY helped us with the paperwork and ensuring their return. Yes, we did make an additional two trips before the paperwork was finalized, but NOW we own a red Presidential at Seaside Resort on Galveston. AND, we have "most" of the Diamond privileges without having to buy a second week. AND, we still have Endless Escape and ZERO maintenance fees (and our children will never have to pay them, either)!!

We've used our Endless Escape more than our actual schedule week...and we do check in early enough so that if the 'initial' unit is unsatisfactory, we go back to Registration and get another. That's my only suggestion for Endless Escape and Bonus Week members...get there and sign in EARLY enough to have Silverleaf rectify any problem you encounter.

I've heard (and read) a lot of horror stories about Silverleaf...all I say is to be honest with yourself, and if you're NOT in the market, DON'T buy...stick to your guns and don't fall for the HARD SELL approaches...if they try to SHAME you into buying something 'cause of all the time they spent with you, DON'T BUY.

The way I understand how this game is played: Silverleaf gets your phone number (via recommendation by an owner/visitor OR a 'bought' mailing list)...they are supposed to PRE-QUALIFY you ($XXX income per year???) before they call you with their GREAT (?) DEALS. From reading all the negative (and even some of the positive) posts, Silverleaf (the corporation) is NOT fulfilling their part in determining eligibility for a visit to a resort...SHAME ON THEM.



Instead of complaining through thr forum just call silverleaf's corporate office in Dallas texas and ask to be removed from the calling list. No big deal, not that hard to do!

214- 631-1166. Provide your name and account number.


I don't work for Silverleaf either but I called and asked questions, and guess what, they got answered. Amazing.


Would like to give to a charitable organization two weeks of timeshare at Dogwood Hills in Alpine, AL.

Please contact me at bobscsc@hargray.com



We have been owners for over 9 years and have always had a good time at Silverleaf.

We have stayed at about 10 other resorts and by far Silverleaf is the most up to date and clean of them all.

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