Upon entering Six Flags New England in Agawam,MA,we where solicited and harassed by people in six flags uniforms asking us to spin in a wheel to see if we one a prize. I should have known better.

They said that we one a free trip and all we had to do was pay twenty dollars a piece to get and go to a seminar/information session. They said that if we decided that we couldn't attend that we could get our money back at anytime LIE. What was weird was that ask us what our occupation where. Red Flag!

They ran I our credit scores without our permission. Mass. Attorney General office didn't seem to care. Six Flags didn't seem to care as they said it was a third party and management never returned our calls.

My big questions was why where they wearing six flags uniforms if they where a third party. So home they had managed to steal and wear six flags name badges. According to the park they are suppose to be required to wear some kind of identification separating them from the park. ***!!!

Six Flags never did anything to correct the situation. In fact I would not be surprised if they renewed contract for the 2014 season. We disputed charge with the bank. They refunded the money.

THe company Silver Leaf Resorts sent us a check which we did not cash because I have read that these checks bounce. We ask to put the money back on the original debit card. They said they couldn't because they do not store credit card/debit card info. Complete Lie.

We then cancelled debit card and got a new number not taking any chances. I would warn anyone please stay clear of the company and their ponzi scheme.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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You dumb ***, did you even go to the resort to see if it was true? They actually do give what they say they do.

It's just a hard sales presentation you have to do first (like the employee told you) and then you get your gift that you paid for... Ps: learn to spell check dumb ***.


You are a FuckingRetard.

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