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We've been consistently upgrading for years. They sell us their, "we want to make this work for you, we can do better" pitch. Then we're lied to .The nightmare began when my husband and I received a letter in the mail that claimed we were guaranteed to win one of the 5 awards(a new car, 49,000 cash, cruise, 1500 shopping spree, camera). Normally I would have thrown it away, but I showed it to my husband & we decided to make it part of a family day since it appeared to be on the way to Starved Rock Park.We were told that it would take an hour and with no intent to buy, we could claim our prize & be on our way. Our appointment was around 2 pm & we were told it would take 20 minutes to see someone!We waited 1 1/2 hrs.The salesman we were introduced to was well groomed & very cordial. He gave us a tour, only showing us prominent areas of the resort, and told us of the grand plans that they had in store. Like an outdoor pool(true) & indoor waterpark (LIE).I remember asking about other buildings on the property which he said were just more showers for the indoor pool that was there (LIE)a adult members only lounge (LIE) and another building that was down from the pool was supposedly an indoor gym that they were redoing

the floor so we conveniently couldn't visit(LIE).Since the property was originally a camp ground, we were told that members could camp there at there leisure by tent or in their own recreation vehicle up to a week as space allows(only 1/2 true.After the tour, we where led to a large well-lit room with a vaulted ceiling where there was loud music and a colorful helium balloon at every table,

and every 15 minutes they were interrupting everyone to pop a balloon & announce someone else who "bought in" to the resort to go on some exotic vacation they never thought possible.They have a really good set up for sure, however when he started asking us questions and we started guess-timating numbers of how much money we may spent per year for vacationing, he was actually collecting that information to use as ammunition for the second sales person at the end of the tour to try and close the sale.After we told him that we weren't really in a position to move forward with the deal he offered, he asked us to wait just a minute more,while he disappeared somewhere... about 30 minutes later, another salesperson stepped in to try and close us. He took the guess-timated vacation numbers my husband mentioned earlier and multiplied them by 20 years in the future and said that what he was offering was worth a lot more, but would cost us substantially less.Fair enough, but "no" means "no" and we told them it was unaffordable for us since we had a child with a medical problems & a bundle of medical bills.To better illustrate our position at that time. We were thinking we'd only be there for a short tour, and now it was almost 6:30pm. We had brought our three children and baby, so this whole ordeal was not a good scenario. We were exhausted, we had been there for over four hours

(not including the 2 hour drive there) and we couldn't even hear ourselves think with that loud fast-paced music blaring over the speakers & then being interrupted by announcements every 15 minutes, with balloons popping & fussy kids.After we said "no" the second time, they tried to calm the kids by offering them some juice to drink.

They set the whole meeting up to make us look like idiots if we didn't say " yes", because it looked like we were saying that"we wanted to pay 45,000 (remember the numbers are figurative) for vacations" over 20 years rather than 15,000 that day.It seemed they were offering us a pretty good deal, my husband asked if we could make another appointment after sleeping on it to make a decision

or have questions answered that may arise after going over all that they presented to us. Then they said that there was some state law that prohibited them from offering us the same deal at a later time and date (when we were prepared) and said that they could have their financial

adviser crunch the numbers so we could actually see how it would be affordable for us. They brought us into an office where this THIRD person, an older woman with a very persuasive voice (seemed to console us about the whole ordeal that we had been put through thus far) suavely show us that for as little as $500. (I'd have to look up the exact amounts, but you get the picture)down and $75./month she could lock us into the deal with yet another incentive: bonus time that we can use freely Sun-Thurs. at any of the resorts. By this time our heads were swimming with all the information we could not comprehend due to the mind state we were in: we were exhausted, hungry & had migraine headaches now. We were cohersed into signing the papers!!! We NEVER received any rewards!

We have been going back & forth with them for years now trying to make things work. At one point, we took a vacation to Texas, arriving quite late (around midnight), they gave us directions with a key to find the cabin we were to stay in. We search for at least 20 minutes & could not find it. With no one answering at guest services, we were fortunate enough to find members that were still awake to guide us to the cabin site.

It was down a long wooded path where my son acquired a wood tick. The porch was rotted, the lock on the front door was broken & the cabin was filled with *** roaches! The appliances & furniture was so old, this had to be one of the companies oldest cabins!We were forced to sleep in our vehicle that night since there were no hotels nearby(how convenient).We dealt with the management the next morning whom gave us free waterpark passes for our inconvenience & moved us to a Beach Club condo. AFTER they lured us into signing another contract! Are

you seeing the pattern here? We are so fed up with their tactics, we put a stop on everything & now our lives will be ruined as it goes into foreclosure & we feel we have no where else to turn because we don't know who we can trust!

Product or Service Mentioned: Silverleaf Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Monetary Loss: $30000.

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gave you waterpark tickets? I thought you said that the waterpark was a lie? Who's the liar?


Lmfao. Coerced?

No, you just signed them like all the other retards that keep these idiots in business. They prey on ppl like YOU.


No means no. Get up and leave like we did.

They can't force you to sign anything. Take some personal responsibility for not having the smarts to avoid getting into something you didn't want.


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To whom this is, thank you for posting this. I received the same call claiming I was GUARANTEED to win one of these 4 prizes after winning a 'drawing' at Fenway Park (I was a few beers deep and if I remember correctly, the person just said enter for a chance to win free $500 so I said why not, thinking it wasn't something like this), all I had to do was go to the Oak and Spruce Resort in Lee, MA and it was that simple.

While hesitant at first, after reading your post I even called them to say I was not going to go and they were persistent saying 'well we made this appointment with you and that's why we confirm the appointments.' Any reputable organization would not have given this much grief if the customer was not rude and he/she was in honest in telling them they could not make it.

So, needless to say, this was very helpful and thank you again.


Same thing happened to us at the villages..cabin full of roaches! Complained to the manager at the villages they moved us another cabin and it was full of roaches!! Complained to the corporate office they would not do anything!!


Notice that the people that claim this is B.S. don't identify themselves or comment!

Hmm I wonder why? Perhaps they are members of the Silverleaf SCAMMERS!!!!!


Of course they are! Anybody on here with a good review...has to be a part of that BULL!