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I went to get the 90 minute tour of the resort in South Lee Mass, yesterday, which was a huge mistake on my part. After I explained that I would not be able to become an owner, the employee tried to see of I was willing to get a credit card to pay for the monthly costs.

I explained very clearly that I DID NOT want a credit card, my tour guide explained that he wanted me to fill out a form just to see if I would have been approved for the credit card. I agreed, however I asked if filling out this form, and getting approved would automatically sign me up for a credit card. He insisted no it would not, and that he would come back to me after they completed the credit check, to discuss if I wanted the card or not. I told him I was a recent graduate, and didn't have a yearly income yet, he told me to just put down 20,000 (so essentially he instructed me to lie).

He came back and talked to me, I explained I wasn't interested, he had another employee come over and try to convince me, I explained AGAIN that I wasn't interested in doing any business with Silverleaf (I really just wanted to see if I would actually get any prizes)

Today I receive an email saying that my card will arrive in 7-10 business days!!!

I called to complain, was cut off (I'm sure they hung up on me) multiple times, and ended up getting into an argument with a woman from headquarters telling me that I knew what I was signing, so it's my fault. How is it my fault if I was being told that signing that paperwork was just to see if I would be approved, and that it would not sign me up for a credit card? The second time I called the actual location that I went to visit yesterday, and this representative was less argumentative, however she went on to say "How did we deceive you ma'am?

No one forged your signature?" I explained to her that our tour guide was extremely deceitful in how he got me sign up for the credit card, after I clearly told him I did not want a credit card. All I can say is that I am glad I didn't sign anything else.

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Did you get your "Gifts" on that day or no?? That's all I want to get but now I'm doubtful.

Southfield, Massachusetts, United States #871994

they screw there employees why do you think they wont ***

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