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In dec 2010 I purchased a $10,000 white week unit with the intent to drop that week into the RCI vacation site. At first they dangled a $33,000 red week in our faces for about 6 hours.

After hundreds of "no im not buying" they brought up a $10,000 white week that ,once paid, would reap endless life time vacations for life. In feb 2011 I was called for a free weekend stay at the hillcountry resort for a follow up/refresher interview. It was a trick to get my wife and i there for a 5 hour long meeting about buying another week. This second week was needed to be purchased in order to use the RCI trading website because my first week did not have enough "trading power" to trade.

I was suckered into a second "presidental unit" week. According to the second scam artist sales lady, my first week and my "presidental week" combined meant i was top dog on the trading list in silverleaf and RCI. This made me feel better knowing i could have 2 weeks a year staying presidental units. This brings us to july 24 2011.

Again i was called for a third free stay for a refresher interview on how to use the program. With my 2 awesome weeks I went into this resort thinking I was a king and able to stay in the mega presidental units as promised. Upon my arrival, I was told all the presidental units were filled and I would have to stay in a crappy lodge unit. At my interview the next day, I was told my 2 weeks and my presidential unit diamond status was still not enough to trade weeks at high class resorts all over the world as promised during my second Silverleaf beat down.

So now a third *** artist tells me I was "wrongfully" sold two weeks that were not right for me. This conman told me he would fix us up and set us on the right path. All I needed to do was buy a "red presidental" week for $12,500 and they would take back all my other weeks to fix my low trading power problem... Well what he didn't tell me was I had to add my valance from the other 2 weeks to the $12,500.

This now would total $33,000 for 1 red week which would give me all the trading power I would ever need. So this brings me to my initial offer of $30,000 the first time they bent me over and took a chunk out of me. Don't not buy a time share ever. It's a scam from the get go.

The people are nice and will always tell you they are trying to help. But they lie. They are salesman.

Please Learn from my mistakes. NEVER EVER EVER TRUST SILVERLEAF!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Silverleaf Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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Whose fault is it you got "suckered thrice"?

They tried the same thing on me... I just read the fine print and said no...

This site is packed with complaints from impulse buyers. Don't blame the salespeople for the fact that you didn't read your entire contract and signed on the dotted line for something that wasn't real.

Everything that people complain about on here is in the fine print. Ever wonder why they're still in business, if they really just lied the attorney general would put them out of business they cover there *** legally.

my husband and I where also suckered not onces but 3 times we were lied to and no matter how many times we said we could not buy another deed they keep on they even went so far as to tell my husband to refines a home we have in another state in order to get a sale .
it has taken us a bit of time but believe me and all of the other people they are frauds!!!!!!!!
and they will take your money by any means necessary .
and if you tell them that you were lied to about a sale that's like blood in the water if you don't believe then try it

i would like to get rid of this leach


My husband & I were also suckered. We registered to win car, trip or cash at our local mall.

We later get a call that we have won, need to come to pick up prize. So we go, big mistake! We spend most of our day getting a tour of the facilities in Lee, Mass and then sit at the table in a large room with lots of other people with them trying to offer us a vacation. Not once did the word timeshare come out, we had no idea this was a timeshare.

We thought this would be a vacation that we could take when we wanted, so we purchase a white week sampler for a one time one week vacation. We got a $40 gas card and a monthly payment instead of a prize that we were promised that we won. Few weeks later we get a call that we have a free weekend & they will go over all of our priviledges. We get there & instead they tell us that we can no longer trade in our week to upgrade & that we will lose all the money we have paid in so far.

We get suckered again. When our payments start to be deducted, there is an added charge every month that no one there told us about & when I tell them they can take the *** thing back when I called to complain. I was informed that they don't buy back their timeshares. They also call me on a regular basis harrassing me for names & numbers of family and friends.

I refuse to give them out.

I just want to get out of this *** timeshare but don't know how. Anyone with any advice??


Next they will tell you, you have to put the red presidential in the diamond club to have trading power... Don't fall for it! Just trade your week 2 years in advance and you'll get whatever you want!


You're just finding out now that timeshares are a huge scam?

P.T. Barnum anyone?


I had a time getting rid of my Silver Leaf timeshare week". I was frustrated at the rising fees and no one is buying them for close to what they are worth and I’m spending too much trying to get rid of it..

So I was reading on pissed/.com and there was a post from a girl at a Company and they were taking Silver Leaf timeshare weeks and can have them out of your name in six weeks and you pay nothing out of pocket and get a tax donation write-off in addition (so it’s like selling- get money back)-Well I’m a skeptical person but I figured I should give it a try so I emailed the girl in the ad/comment-Nanette and she mailed me a small welcome packet of information on donation and I faxed in information and sure enough the week was out of my name in six weeks and I had a $5000'.00 tax donation to file with my taxes/. They were honest courteous and reliable so I wanted to let everyone know". (And also wanted to help Nanette she was wonderful,.) Good luck getting rid of your Silver Leaf|.Go to www.

trejesto. Com and fill out donation form –please put Nanette in referral – she’s a big help.If you have already gotten rid of your week pass this to other owners that want rid of theirs they will love you!

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