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I have been an owener for over 30+ years and have enjoyed most of the facilities owend by Silverleaf as well as many hotels/resorts affiliated with RCI. The key to a sucssesfull stay is (1) Be flexable on you stay dates and location (2) allow for ample planning time (3) take advatage of special permotions (4) when buying a unit don't get pressured into a unit/week or location you or your family can't use if time or monies are limited (5) split your week if possiable (6) bank your week if you are unable to travel on your week (7) join RCI (8) work with your customer support team and learn how to get the most out of your week/bonus time (9) take advantage of the day useage (10) take advantage of the camping/RV facilities or affiliations where offered

However, having said the above I can tell you most of the resorts have become more fast passed with loud games/game rooms geard to the kids with plenty of activities and entertainment on the weekends, theaters, food sales, novelty sales, the rundown pools and put-put golf over run by unshaparoned kids or parents whom simpliy don't care offers less of a re-laxing atmosphere leaving little enjoyment for the retired or adult get away.

Additionally, most resorts tend to over book and over sell before incressinging the amenities needed to support the same.

Reason of review: great trvel opportunites.

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do not go in the summer!

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