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The "happy" Silverleaf customers are either moles or just plain mathematically retarded. The maintenance fees alone turned me off -approx $840 a year. Those fees slowly increase and will always be billed to you even after you pay-off your timeshare.

I understand the resorts are nice and it costs money to keep them that way. But if you multiply the $840 per year fee times however many "owners" there are, you come up with a ridiculous amount of cash for Silverleaf.

Now... multiply the number of "owners" there are times the approx price per timeshare (approx $10k give-and-take), you come up with a HUGE figure that blows the mind.

My issue is that they should lower the maintenance fees. It's only fair considering the amount of revenue this powerhouse generates.

My only other issue are the sales people (sharks). I thought it was funny how they pair a cute young flirty woman with a male customer who is single. I guess sex can sell; only though there is no sex in the end! lol. But seriously... when they have a guest who is unfortunately laid-off and has no money to invest in vacations that they can't afford or take (most people can't take a whole week off at once; scheduled around the time Silverleaf expects you to take your vacation), the sharks need to back-off and move on to the next guest. They will hound you for about 2hrs and then have a manager hound you as well. I guarantee that 80% of their sales was due to improper sales tactics and/or the wear-down of the guest. Some people buy the timeshare just so they can get the heck out of there and only hope they will get their money's worth later.

Anyway.. just had to vent. Considering I've been to Silverleaf 7 times, been through the motions, and even made a small purchase many years ago, I have quite an insight on how they operate. Funny thing is that last time I was there they offered me a job! LOL!! I refuse prey like a shark.

Product or Service Mentioned: Silverleaf Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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I've done the math. For $71.45 a month plus our monthly payment we CAN'T stay at Piney Shores Resort in Conroe, TX for spring break.

For $69.00 at night (because my husband travels alot and has Marriot rewards points) we can stay at a Marriot Springhill suites hotel for spring break.

They serve free breakfast, have a small frig in the rooms if we wanted to bring food and are way closer to anything we'd want to do in Houston or Galveston. We're wasting our money on Silverleaf.


Wow "hey". You have that broken down JUST LIKE the sales sharks [I mean reps] at the resort. In fact, you used nearly an exact example. Worked for them long?

Look... I don't know if you actually spent the time to compose all that above or if that was a cut-n-paste from your employee handbook. Regardless, it is only useful (and perhaps worthwhile) to someone who is able to take a vacation like you mentioned above every year. You say "over the years..." -the Average Joe is not going to take a big vacation every year. If he could, then there is a small amount of validity in your argument.

You may argue that this time share program enables AJ to take such vacations every year. Not true. I am an AJ. Let's say I want to go to Disney World. The ONLY thing covered is my hotel (which that is significant indeed). It would be cheaper for me to drive a family of four than to purchase airfare; even through the RCI discounted program. I would save on food only if it being possible to go in-and-out of Disney and drive all the way to the resort -but then I'd have to pay for parking all over again at the park. Oh, there's the cost of those tickets to get in the park to begin with! It is a trip that is expensive with or without Silverleaf.

We could go on and on proving points on each side. Truth of the matter is it's not a good deal for the Average Joe. Frankly, I may benefit those who are better-off (financially) but only for those who WILL use it EACH and EVERY SINGLE YEAR for the REST OF THEIR LIVES.


When a family of four takes a vacation. What do you think it cost them from when they leave their house until they get back. Now this only pertains to people that actually take a real vacation at least once a year and when I say real I mean actually packing up and going somewhere decent for 8 days and 7 nights. For example lets say that a family in Houston wants to take their kids to Disney World and go to all the major attractions in Orlando. Like Disney World, Magic Kingdom and so on. That would cost a lot of money. Say that you drive a 2004 Camry you will see these kinds of numbers

One-Way Trip: 961 Miles

41.78 Gallons Used

$120.13 Fuel Cost

Round-Trip: 1922 Miles

83.56 Gallons Used

$240.26 Fuel Cost

That comes right off of the website, which is put out by Triple A. You can go to there web site and find out how much gas it will cost you on any journey. So lets say you drive and the round trip cost you $240.26, which doesn't even count the little things you would buy at gas stations and things of that sort. So you get to Orlando and pull up to your hotel which the price of this could vary a lot. It just depends where you stay etc. On the low end your looking at at least $80.00 per night and times that by 7 nights and you come up with $560 dollars. Most hotels do not have a kitchen or a place that you can cook if you wanted to. If you only ate at McDonald's twice a day with a family of four your looking at least $40 dollars per day giving that you have two kids and they only spend 4 dollars a piece per meal and the 2 adults spend 6 dollars a piece per meal.That's another $280.00 for 7 days. You get settled in and then want to go to one of the parks. About $40-50 dollars a piece per person. You decide to only go to three different attractions for the weak, which be at least $480 dollars. These numbers still don't even consider soft drinks and things of that sort. The expense already is up to $1,560.26. That is a lot of money and that is me doing the numbers on the low end. So you can see where I'm going with this. You just spent over $1,500.00 Dollars and all you have is memories, which is good but the money is gone because the receipts aren't worth anything. Over years that is $31,205.00 without any inflation. Say you buy a timeshare for 12,000 dollars and you use your week every year. After it's paid for yeah you do still spend around $800.00 a year but that is a lot less than you would spend on renting out hotels every year. Over 20 years 800.00 dollars comes out to be 16,000 dollars which the whole investment over 20 year would cost you 30,000, but it's something you can give to your kids or go to places that you normally could not go because the nice places do cost a lot to rent out. As for the bonus time you get in when you get in. It's free and that is not what you bought. You bought a week every year in nice resorts with family and friends and saved a little doing it. Timeshares are not for everyone and I know that. If you use it the way it is supposed to be used you will get your money's worth. If you have kids you can always take the kids to the resorts for birthday parties, BBQ,have friends come stay with you, etc. All the amenities at Silverleaf are free to owners so there is something to do for everyone. 1 birthday party at Chucky Cheeses will cost you over 300.00 a year, but do the same things at the resorts for free. There are all kinds of benefits and I know there are also bad things about them as well. If you gain the knowledge to know how to use your timeshare you will save a lot of money in the long run and take a lot of good vacations.


"LOL", you are right about "Kitty" and "Bill". What was their point???

"An owner", thank you for the advice but if I were an owner (which I am no longer), I would not have been able to have any tax write-offs. I simply do not have the income or assets to do so. I submit a simple EZ form to the IRS every year.

The most expensive vacation I have ever taken cost $1,200. All other vacations vary from a couple of hundred to eight hundred tops. The hotels may not be 5 star, but they have always been quite reasonable considering my budget.

I digress.... back to one of the points you mentioned, regarding the fees, Silverleaf most certainly overcharges (and has been). For what it matters, Silverleaf total revenues for the first nine months of 2010 were $171.8 million compared to $183.7 million for the first nine months of 2009. That's A LOT of dough -and that's only three quarters of it.


As far as the monthly fees go, have you considered writing them off on your taxes? If you write them off, you get money back, which most owners use to pay off the next year's fees upfront.

This results in a discount. So will the fees go down for you? No - you're locked in at a set price via your warranty deed. Those vacations you've been taking, though, will always increase in price without the silverleaf program...

inflation is a fickle ***.

So, pay $800/year in fees, which you write off on your taxes or pay $3000 every year for one good vacation, which you can't write off and is 100% interest. You do the math.


Wow... Left wing, anti capitalist...

Kitty and Bill are idiots that dont say much to prove their points...

then again... bill and kitty are more likely on silver leafs pay roll.


You're spot on in your assessment of their fees. They always go up and are a cash cow for them.

I am paying $720/yr to stay a week in something I "own". Over $100/night! I can stay in a much nicer hotel for less...and not Motel 6. ;)

Here's a little tidbit - if you read the fine print, the furniture in the units is owned by the developer and RENTED to the owners.

I guess that's where part of the fee their pocket. The last time we had a furniture change in our unit, it was swapped from the cabin units next door. I know this because we stayed in the cabins the year before.

All they did was switch the same used *** around. The sales rep had the nerve to tell us we had our unit "updated" when we checked in.


Haven't done the math. You are not use to staying in nice resorts. Motel 6 for you?


Hello there Math Wiz!! I have own two Chairman units for over five years now, and I could dispute every single issue you posted, but I am not going to waste my time with someone, who sounds alot like a left wing, anti capitalist,,, Whiner!!! Hey buddie,, your insight is not accurate at all,, infact it is a bunch of ***!!

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